Top 20 Viral Memes and Reactions to Selena Quintanilla’s death, husband, and family!

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  • POSTED ON: December 7, 2020

The release of the first season of Netflix’s scripted drama Selena: The Series, based on the life
and legacy of late Tejano superstar Selena has sparked a large flurry of
reactions in social media. While some people are commending the marvellous
performances of the cast, there are people who are criticizing Netflix for
whitewashing Selena.

But there’s one reaction that the fans have been desperately
waiting for, and that’s from Selena’s husband, Chris Perez in addition to Selena Quintanilla’s family.

Just three years before Selena’s untimely death (read some interesting facts by clicking on the link), the couple
tied the knot in 1992. It was also reported that the two were planning to
conceive before she was killed. Despite the close relationship, there have been
some reports about the rising tension between husband Perez and Selena’s family
since her death. The tension intensified when Selena’s father filed a lawsuit against
him in 2016.

And you’ll be surprised to know that the late singer’s
husband was not involved or consulted ahead of Netflix’s series release.

Anyways, he expressed his reviews about the Netflix’s series
in a heartfelt post on Instagram. He writes, “I love music even before I joined
the band.”

However, he didn’t comment on the show’s portrayal of slight
skirmishes with his late wife.

It’s quite weird seeing Perez commenting only on the musical aspect of Selena’s life and story, while fans were expecting a more heartfelt
tribute from him, involving more of Selena’s life as a person.

Overall, season 1 of Selena:
The Series
takes us to a nostalgic trip to late 90s where we witness the
rise of the Mexican-American singer Selena Quintanilla leading up to her
tragic death.

Since the show’s first season dropped, many were quick to
express their delight of learning the lesser-known songs of Selena, and
witnessing the recreation of iconic moments from the artist’s career.  

Below is a roundup of how fans of late Tejano singer have
been reacting to Netflix’s latest drama:

We can now only imagine in the light of Selena’s best fan memes….

Gone but never forgotten!

That’s why she looked so familiar…

That’s a sad but true reality…

Yup, they need to work on that…

Umm, maybe…

Yes, it was so emotional…

The show missed many cultural representations…

Season 1 already has us on the edge of our seats for season

Surprisingly, Chris’ perspective wasn’t even included in the
making of this series!

We can feel the anger…

Maybe because they didn’t cast someone who looked like


Yes, it’s so saddening to know that most people don’t even
know who Selena was, and no, we’re not talking about Selena Gomez!


Netflix could have done better!

There’s no denying that Selena’s brown skin and beauty were what
made her more relatable to her fans.

Those ugly wigs had us cringe big time!

 No surprises here…

We’re sure not many would agree with you dear…

So, have you watched Selena: The Series yet? If yes, lets us
know your reviews about it in the comments below. Also, here are five unknown facts about Selena’s sister Suzette Quintanilla and her husband.

Updated December 7, 2020
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