Top 2020 Amazon Prime Movies That You Really Need To Be Watching

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  • POSTED ON: November 10, 2020

Are you searching for
good movies to watch on Amazon? You’ve probably come across a handful of movies
on Amazon Prime Video that you haven’t seen before and you’re thinking of
giving them a watch. But here’s the thing – the time is important and you don’t have
a lot. So instead of wasting time on something terribly boring, why don’t you
trust our recommendations and give them a go?

Amazon Prime has rights
to some of the best movies of all time and we can help you find the top movies
for small screen experience!

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

Kazakh journalist and
TV personality Borat is back on our screen after 15 years to play ridiculous
pranks on unsuspecting Americans meanwhile delivering spot-on cultural
commentary! Also known as Borat 2, the movie is about Borat who is visiting the US
to offer his daughter to the Vice President of America Mike Pence during the
2020 presidential elections. No, we’re not joking, that is actually the premise
of the film! Thus, prepare yourself for a trip down political incorrectness –
you’re going to enjoy some outrageous laughs!

Selah and the Spades

We’ve grown up watching
movies with boarding schools as the backdrop – a place where all bad things
happen. If you’re a fan of that particular genre, you must give Selah and the
Spades a shot! So what exactly is this movie about? Well, you have a senior who
leads a faction known as Spades and they sell drugs to other students in the
school. Since Selah is about to graduate, the school is in need of another
candidate who can take her place and carry on her legacy. The movie is directed
by Tayarisha Poe, a promising, new director!

The Big Sick

Kumail Nanjiani
co-wrote and starred in The Big Sick. It is based on his real-life romance with
wife Emily V. Gordon. The movie is about a serious illness that Emily
experiences only after a few dates. At one point, she also has to go into a medically-induced coma. Kumail spends all his time at the hospital meanwhile
his Pakistani parents arrange dates for him with other Pakistani women. This
cultural comedy hides a heartfelt love story of an interracial couple – a movie
you should watch during the holidays!

You Were Never Really Here

Are you a fan of
Joaquin Phoenix? Well, you should be because there’s something terribly wrong
with you if you aren’t! This psychological thriller is a treat for all his
fans. It’s a story about a hitman who has been hired by a politician to rescue
his daughter from a human trafficking network. The movie is brutal and starkly
haunting. The screenplay is tight and with only 90 minutes running period –
you’ll be hooked till the last minute! Of course, the actor pulls off his
character with finesse and takes an average thrilling plot to another level.

Brittany Runs a Marathon

You need comedy in life
to truly live it – Brittany Runs a Marathon is well-written and clever. It
ponders on our relationship with everything we’re obsessed with – food,
exercise, and body image, etc. Jillian Bell steps in to play the role of
Brittany who is advised by her doctor to lose weight by cutting down all the
junk and making subtle but important lifestyle changes. Next thing you know,
she starts running – something we all like watching on screen but not doing
practically ourselves. But hey, this movie is quite inspirational and will
compel you to take the first step.


We love Dakota Johnson!
She will surprise you in this fantastically woven film by Luca Guadagnino. It’s
got suspense, bleak horror, and an art-house vibe. Watch this movie to go down
the rabbit hole of a reputable Berlin dance school Dakota will be mentored by a
majestic teacher and it will be twisted and freaky. The dancers will be
uncomfortably flexible, and as the movie moves forward, you’ll witness the
addition of new contortions to body horror. However, it’s a long movie with two
and a half hours running time. There are some spectacular, jaw-dropping sequences
that will blow your mind!

The Lost City of Z

The movie is based on
the life of Percy Fawcett – a British adventurer. You’ll get to see the Amazon
Rainforest where the man is searching for an ancient lost city. If the general
setup f the film isn’t enticing enough, you must know that Robert Pattinson,
Charlie Hunnam and Tom Holland are also in this film. Of course, the movie has
missed a few things, like the overall pace of the film is slow. However, the
intense slow motion will only add to the enthralling psychological layers.

Manchester by the Sea

This movie will break
your heart into a million pieces! The performances are heartbreaking – each
character experiences a terrible loss that is almost impossible to overcome.
It’s one of those punch-in-the-gut kinds of stories. Once you’re done with the
movie, the feeling will stay with you. It’s definitely an unforgettable
storyline and beautiful cinematography.

The Handmaiden

You must’ve heard of
this movie on social media but nothing will beat the first-hand experience.
This movie carries insane twists and turns and exquisite thrilling sequences.
The movie has some explicit scenes so make sure you don’t watch it with family
because some moments can be uncomfortable. There is a Japanese heiress and a
pickpocket partner– sounds strange? So just give it a watch! Look, if you
enjoyed watching Parasite, it’s time you delve into other Korean movies and
enjoy heartland films.


Adam Driver is one of
the most underrated actors of Hollywood. He’s done some fantastic films in the
last few years and the man must get appreciation from mainstream media. Now
here’s why you should watch this movie – it’s humorous and an easy watch. Driver is playing the role of Paterson who is a bus driver. He likes listening to
stories and taking his dog out for walks. He is wise beyond his years and his
personal setbacks only add to his character. 

Hope you enjoy the
list of top 2020 movies! So, which of the best movies are you going to watch this weekend? Let us know in the comment section below.

Updated November 10, 2020
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