Travis Scott’s First Fortnite Concert Was Surreal And Spectacular

  • AUTHOR: anam
  • POSTED ON: April 24, 2020

Whether it was the original rocket launch or the black hole that wiped out an entire island, Fortnite keeps getting better and more ambitious. Every time you think you’ve seen the best, it surprises you yet again.  

Last year, Marshmello gave an epic show and showed us what a virtual concert could be like. This week, Travis Scott hit it out of the park with his impeccable performance.

For the past week, players could see a stage being constructed at the Sweaty Sands Beach. As the days went by, you could see the details like; first, there was a black stage on top of the water and then gradually they saw Travis’s head inflated around it.

As expected, this event was a bloodbath as players killed each other to kill time. However, when the actual show began, the players could see a strange planet-like object floating towards them. They saw the object inching towards them in a circular motion until it blew up everything. This was when the performance began.

The visuals changed along with the tracks and saying that it was a visually gratifying experience would be an understatement. From roller coasters to the fusion of psychedelic effects, the players witnessed a spectacular, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Epic played a smart move by turning this event into a tour rather than a concert. Usually, Fortnite events are one-offs but Scott’s concert was the first of five; so, you have plenty of chances to witness the magnificent event.

Updated April 24, 2020
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