Trevor Noah Gives us The Daily Show Dose From His Couch

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  • POSTED ON: March 21, 2020

Trevor Noah never disappoints. Not getting to watch The Daily Show from the studio is another drawback of coronavirus but since no one has much to do at home anyway, Trevor gave us the monologue straight from his home couch. And guess who was the topic of his show? President Trump!

Source: Deadline

Along with Trevor, Donald Trump never disappoints either. He makes sure that he displays enough weird behaviors and delivers enough false information to create quality internet content. And that’s why we say that Trevor needs to reconsider who the real comedian is in this situation.

So back to the clip! Noah plays a video of Donald Trump, saying that the treatment drug for coronavirus is being prepared and will be available “almost immediately”. This clip was followed by FDA commissioner, Dr Stephen Hahn refuting President’s statement. He claims that this is false and it would take a lot of time to come up with a cure.

Well, Donald Trump, thanks for giving false hope to the world because this was the only time people were actually fooled by your words.

Source: USA Today

Noah continues with his criticism as he says, “If I could cover my face with my hands, I would. Because this is the most embarrassing thing ever. The FDA commissioner openly called the President out for making this shit up. That’s so embarrassing. He said it and then the guy’s like ‘No, that’s not the truth.'”

The video ends with Trevor Noah’s colleague, Jaboukie Young-While offering to help Noah with groceries because he is obviously in the “elderly category”. This doesn’t quite please the comedian.

The stars and comedians who are spreading positivity and waves of laughter during this time deserve appreciation for using their platforms for a good cause. So thank you, Trevor Noah, for making sure we don’t miss out on our weekly dose of The Daily Show.

Updated March 21, 2020
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