Trevor Noah’s Failed Attempt Of Singing from a Balcony in New York

  • AUTHOR: anam
  • POSTED ON: March 18, 2020

When tragedy strikes, people unite. Well, not so much for people in New York City. 

Source: Mashable

Social distancing is the instruction given to people worldwide. The precaution is supposed to stop the COVID-19 from spreading, and in doing so, people have come up with creative ways to keep the spirit of togetherness alive.

Italy has become a symbol of hope and humanity. Despite being on lockdown, Italians are using their singing talents to inspire people in these dark times. Hence, after the brief montage of Italy got viral on the internet, people in Lebanon and Spain followed suit. 

From North to South, Italians are coming together and singing along the harmonious tunes of triumph and positivity. Similar montage from Lebanese has also made rounds on the internet. Even in Spain, people are clapping and singing together. 

Check this out:

Such beautiful moments make you feel warm and cosy, and sometimes, you want to recreate them. 

Feeling inspired by such honest acts of humanity, Trevor Noah tried to sing “A whole New World” from Aladdin, but things didn’t go as expected. 

It could’ve hardly been ten seconds until somebody shouted “SHUT THE FUCK UP!” to Trevor Noah. Was it because he’s a bad singer or something else? Guess, we would never know.

After this incident, Trevor Noah came back to his room and tweeted, “Nothing can break the human spirit. Except that guy. That kinda hurt.” 

It seems that New Yorkers aren’t feeling as lonely as expected. 

Updated March 18, 2020
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