Trevor Noah’s Home Cleaning Montage Is A True Motivation For All

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  • POSTED ON: March 20, 2020

Because of quarantine, people have a lot of time in their hands, but how should they spend this precious time? Well, Trevor Noah has an idea!

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The CDC recommends that you clean frequently touched surfaces inside your homes, such as tables, chairs, doorknobs, light switches. In addition to this, you should clean up the couches and cabinets so that it’s hygienic.

More importantly, you should clean the screens of your phones. In fact, clean it the same amount you clean your hands!

Thus, to spread awareness, Trevor Noah released a cleaning montage, and honestly, it’s the only motivation that I need right now.

Source: Mashable India

“They say you want to try and clean as many things as possible. Things that you regularly touch, just to keep them safe.” – Said the Daily Show host as he filmed himself cleaning his own apartment.

The second half of the clip is hilarious as he aggressively scrubbed everything that came in his way. From shower taps to toilet paper, he left nothing.

Social distancing has left the host slightly frenzied, if I may say. Just yesterday, he was singing in his balcony, expecting others to join in, and today, he’s scrubbing away his pain.

But hey, Monica Geller would be proud.

Updated March 20, 2020
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