Trump Is A Meme Because He Can’t Stop Boasting About The Cognitive Test He Took

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: July 24, 2020

all concerned about the mental health of Donald Trump – even his niece. But he
certainly thinks of himself as a prodigious – and maybe that’s more concerning
considering we’ve got over a million citizens crippled by the virus while he can’t stop bragging about his cognitive test.

knows how fantastic Trump is when it comes to rambling during conversations. His
thoughts are like bubbles that need instant bursting because they easily
become toxic and deadly. Remember when he looked right into the camera and
asked, “Could we inject bleach into the
body to kill the Coronavirus?”

to cause distraction, Trump revealed that he took Montreal Cognitive
Assessment (MoCA) back in 2018. For your information, this is a basic test that
assesses the cognitive functioning of adults with dementia and Alzheimer’s or
related conditions. The test is pretty simple: draw a clock, identify pictures
of animals, repetition of five usual but unrelated things.

Trump who passed the test can’t
stop bragging about it
. Weird flex but alright.

In a recent interview, Chris
Wallace asked him about the test the other day suggesting that the test isn’t
supposed to be tough – Trump insisted that it was, of course.

further elaborated on the test saying:

King of rambling, amirite?

you what, you must get Donald
Trump Talking Figure
from Amazon. It speaks 17 different audio lines in his
voice – it’s supper fun because at least it doesn’t talk back. And if you like,
you may punch it, too!

Anyway, the king of
rambling is also a meme now – this isn’t a new feat for him though. 

Updated July 24, 2020
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