Unbelievable! A man robbed an Argentina TV reporter on live Television

  • AUTHOR: midhat
  • POSTED ON: October 26, 2020

That thief
has really got some guts!

Ever heard of someone getting robbed during a live
telecast? Well, now you will!

Argentina reporter was mugged off his phone just
minutes before going live on television.

Diego Demarco, a reporter at En Vivo Nueve, an
Argentina news station channel, was all set to go live from Buenos Aires when a thief
snatched his phone and ran off. The entire incident was recorded on live camera
and the video of it has now gone viral.

The incident happened on 20th October,
a reporter was adjusting his facemask and equipment, preparing for the live
broadcast, when the man came and snatched his phone away.

After the incident, children and passersby ran
behind the man to catch him.

Watch the video here:

the thief got caught and he had to return the phone to Demarco.

Updated October 26, 2020
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