Unbelievable: Anabelle Real-Life Doll Has Escaped From The Warren Museum

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  • POSTED ON: August 16, 2020

2020 gets scarier!

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According to the rumors circulating online, the demon just escaped from the occult museum, and everyone is freaking out for real!

You must have seen how terrifying the Anabelle doll is in James Wan’s movies, and when the doll comes out of its cage this time for real, then be prepared for the horrible 2020!

The doll is haunted, and we better take every damn thing surrounding that doll seriously!

The rumors of Annabelle doll escaping from the Warren Occult Museum in Connecticut spread online like wildfire. And yes, exactly as you have expected, everyone started panicking real bad.

And when we say Panicking, we mean look at these reactions:

Well, calm down! The rumors have now debunked, and it turns out Anabelle didn’t escape.

The museum where she was rumored to remain captivated doesn’t exist! The cult museum has been closed since 2019 so, technically she can’t break free from somewhere she wasn’t even there in the first place.

Hold on! There’s nothing to celebrate yet! She is out there, somewhere, and she is going to haunt you in your dreams!

If you don’t know what horrors she can bring to this world, check out these movies on Amazon Prime right now:

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Anabelle Comes Home

Updated August 16, 2020
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