Underrated Feminist TV Series To Watch!

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  • POSTED ON: August 28, 2020

Little Lies, Killing Eve, The Morning Show, and The Handmaid’s Tale are some of
the most significant television series to be made in the recent times. They’ve
questioned the age-old structure of storytelling and has bought complex but
determined woman on the frontline. Women are no longer of questionable significance
– instead they have agency and power. They show that you don’t really need to hold
a gun or run a marathon to show that you’re strong. The word strong itself has
changed its course and has caught up with the times.

of the streaming platforms, TV Series are now shaping up to be more inclusive
to suit the taste of a global audience.  Producers
and showrunners are taking more risks and creating characters that have depth
and substance. Most importantly, women are working behind the camera which has
shifted the dynamic and earned them the same power which men previously
enjoyed. Not to say that times have changed entirely, but just to be more on
the optimistic side, evolution is just around the corner.

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women are fearless instead of being the damsel in distress. They’re vengeful
and chaotic and full of strength and esteem. Today, we see strong portrayals of
women belonging to the Jewish community, we see beautiful black women create
magic by embracing their individuality and unique traits, and we also have lesbian
and bisexual women breaking stereotypes and leaving their mark.

so important to witness women in all their glory! Women are multifaceted and we
must get used to watching women of different shapes and size, color and hair,
sexuality and occupation, and interests and hobbies.

let’s take a look at some of the most underrated feminist shows that you must
binge now!



Margaret Atwood adaption that came out in 2017, Grace Alias was one of a kind!
Despite being a psychological crime series, this story unraveled the wounds
that many women share and how it can either strengthen their relationship or
amplify their sense of doom. The show beautifully picks up broken pieces from
the floor and tapes them together to make sense of it. The show leaves you
angry, frustrated, and deeply satisfied.

Grace and Frankie

there’s one word to described Grace and Frankie then it has to be unabashed
because it truly breaks all the stereotypes and the general perception of women
after a certain age. It is witty and thought-provoking at the same time. It
delicately explores sexuality and aging. This show feels like a big warm hug
given to you by your elder sister.

Anne with an E

with an E deals with several social issues and despite being an adaptation of a
book written in the early 1900s, these problems remain relevant today. To start
with, it’s about an orphan girl who is sent to live with a family who originally
wanted a boy. It taps into injustices like gender discrimination, lack of opportunities
for women, racism, and the place of queer community in society. The show is
extraordinary and a must watch!


show wonderfully tackles the issues that are deeply rooted in the orthodox
Jewish community. It’s a moving story of a young girl who dared to dream and
rises above all the obstacles. Unorthodox is a tale about faith, freedom, and
female empowerment.  After watching this
miniseries, you’re left with overwhelming set of emotions. You’re blown away by
the remarkable performances and depressed because it’s all over.  

The Marvelous Mrs.

What do you do when you find out that your
husband is not in love with you anymore? You get drunk and become a standup
comedian – which by the way was her dream! This show is a story about a woman who belongs to a Jewish family, and it’s set in the 1950s when the culture of
standup was quite established.  This
leads on this show break free from the set notions of how women should behave
and act like. Watch it for the costumes, one liners, and female bonding!


Updated August 28, 2020
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