USA Election 2020: Top 20 Viral Memes!

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: November 5, 2020

Meme election or funny election memes?

On Election Day, People
of the United States casted their votes to decide the fate of the government –
the next President, congressional representatives, as well as state and local
leaders. Of course, people reacted to the election in the most mature and
logical manner – by sharing their reactions and US election memes to address their concerns
and validate trends.

Social media went into a complete frenzy on the Election Day – from venting on public platforms to
emphasizing the impact of the results, everyone was having some sort of a
meltdown. Despite being a serious topic, the conversation manifested itself
into varied directions. At one point, we believe, we saw someone making election day memes
about Britney Spears winning all 50 states in a pink wave.

Since there’s no clear
winner yet, people continue to express their thoughts and frustrations with
memes and witty one-liners.

Following are the best
memes and reactions from the Election Day 2020:

The election map will
soon be filled since most of the polls have closed and the results are rolling
in. People have focused their energy into designing their own maps and
predicting their most favorable outcome. Of course, the winner was none of the

If you remember the
events that transpired during the last election, you’d recall that people were
busy expressing their feelings via memes. This year’s election was no
different. However, we’ve come to the realization that the images coming out
this year are more haggard and chaotic.

What even is stress
anymore? Is it a constant state of being? It has to be that because if it’s a feeling, it just doesn’t seem to pass. Twitter was completely
ballistic the night before and on the day of the election this year. However, the
reactions that came out were deliriously ridiculous and outright funny. We need
to do something about this strange defense mechanism!

not like only the people of the United States of America are interested in the
election. People all over the world have their eyes glued to their television
screens as they’re aware of the global impact the outcome would carry. Also,
you don’t need to be an American to hate Donald Trump.

To be
honest, we were all prepared to see a clean sweep by Joe Biden, so the
neck-to-neck competition is actually quite shocking.  

Anyway, enjoy the memes
and don’t give up the fight just yet because Joe Biden is still leading! 

Updated November 5, 2020
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