Viral: Ivanka Trump Confuses Dad with Meat Loaf and Twitterati Goes Crazy!

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  • POSTED ON: January 6, 2021

Meatloaf and Twitterati! Expressions gone viral! Read below!

The Trumps (sexual predators) have done it again! This time it’s the outgoing First Daughter, Ivanka Trump who has made the headlines. Her latest tweet caused a whirl of confusion and amusement on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Ivanka, who is also one of the White House advisors, took to Twitter to post a selfie along with Donald Trump, her father, while they were on their way to Georgia for a rally on Monday. The father and daughter were on board Air Force One. The caption of the picture said, “Get out and vote Georgia.” While all of that seemed fine, what left netizens confused on Twitter was the tags she added in the picture.

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 The tags she put in the picture included the Republican Party, Kelly Loeffler, Georgia Senators David Perdue, and along with White House aide Dan Scavino Jr. While all of that is A-Okay, the thing she messed up was instead of tagging her dad, she tagged singer and actor Meat Loaf in the picture.

How did she get confused between the two personalities? Maybe it’s because both of them have the word “real” in their Twitter handles. If you thought Twitter was going to forgive and forget this incident, you thought wrong! Ivanka’s tweet soon went viral and we got amazing reactions from people all over the world.

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Here are a few expressions that have gone viral for your amusement.

It caused confusion at first, like a lot. Who wouldn’t be confused right? Just like Judd Legum, we also found ourselves asking the question, “Why is Meat Loaf tagged in this photo?”


Without wasting any time, Andrew Block tweeted that this accident by Ivanka has got to be the best thing that has happened in 2021 so far. He quickly got 1.2k likes on the tweet, and people commented on his post agreeing with him. After this tweet, we hope better things come to us in the future, so this doesn’t remain the highlight of the year.


Ivanka’s tweet got a similar reaction from @KathyLe74783492, who wants to nominate it for the best tweet of the day. Well, we think that it can be nominated for the best tweet of the year, and it would win.

@DJJudd took to Twitter and retweeted Ivanka’s post along with a screenshot of the tagged people. What he said has us in fits of laughter. The video producer wrote that “at this point in the cycle a surprise Meat Loaf appearance wouldn’t even be * today’s* weirdest thing.” Well, maybe Ivanka was trying to give us all a hint. Let’s give the girl the benefit of the doubt okay?

Josh Billinson also didn’t let this chance to mock Ivanka slip out of his hands. After seeing the post, he was ‘lmao-ing’, well so are we Josh, so are we.

This tweet by Billinson was retweeted by many users, who also shared their thoughts on the matter.


@WesUSNA has us thinking if there’s something up between the president and the singer. Why haven’t we ever seen the two in the same room, after all? Ivanka helped us all by answering the question for us. The tea has been spilt.

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Just like us, @GrumpyPug17 also couldn’t believe that Ivanka Trump’s dad would ever be overlooked anywhere in the world, so they also went and checked it for themselves as we did. But then they got unnecessarily rude saying, “Oh honey. He’ll do anything for love, but he won’t do that!” Now, this rudeness isn’t something we stand behind.

Is Ivanka any better than these jerk celebrities?

While a lot of people were busy mocking the First Daughter, others were seriously concerned about it. This one user felt that it was her duty to point out that Donald Trump wasn’t tagged in the picture, but Meat Loaf was. What did that mean? “I feel like there is some symbolism in that,” wrote @EmmaSilverman1.

This Twitter reaction has “ROFL-ing.” Of course, we all thought 2021 would be different! You can’t blame us for that! But unfortunately, all our high hopes for the new year went down the drain when we saw that the Trumps are still the same. Can they make New Year resolutions or something about not posting on social media before thinking about it a hundred million times?

Hey! We’re against body shamming okay! Don’t get us wrong but this tweet is just too hilarious. Poor Ivanka Trump and her eyes, what else does she have to witness living in the same house as Donald Trump?


@Nell7619 asked a serious question from the First Daughter. It was also the first thing that crossed our minds. “Is he going or is that what you all are eating on the way?” Can someone answer this for us, please!

Will you shut up! Man!

Then there’s this meme. LOL, we hope that’s not true at all.


@MadAsHell04 also has a serious question for Ivanka Trump. Would someone give us the answers already?!

This user right here put on their detective glasses and tried to figure out exactly how Ivanka Trump might have ended up tagging Meat Loaf instead of her dad in the picture. “So, it appears she started typing ‘real’, ostensibly to tag her dad but instead tagged Meatloaf. The thing is when I do that the top hits are Trump, SVG & RealGM; Meatloaf doesn’t even make a list. What secrets does Ivanka have that make meatloaf a more likely hit than her own dad?” says the tweet. We’re as confused as you @DRJenkins08.

We can’t imagine how the First Daughter might have reacted when all of these tweets would’ve popped up greeting Ivanka the next day. She might have asked her mother, Melania Trump, for advice; we can’t imagine what she would’ve told her either. This family is just so unpredictable! We can only hope this is the last of their mix-ups before their government comes to an end for good.

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Updated January 6, 2021
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