Walt Disney Day 2020: Here’s What’s Special This Year!

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  • POSTED ON: December 7, 2020

Walt Disney 2020!

The Walt Disney Company
is all set to webcast its Disney Investor Day 2020 like every year. The event is planned
for the 10th of December and not 7th December, 2020. This year, the idea is to emphasize
on Company’s direct-to-consumer streaming services. The event will begin at
4:30 pm ET and will last for four hours. If you wish to attend the event, you
can visit the website one hour before the event’s commencement to ensure an optimized
connection. In case you’re busy at the time, you can check the entire event in
the archives once it’s over.

Disney is a brand that
dominates the entire world. It doesn’t matter from which part of the world you
belong to; you must have heard the stories and characters depicted by the Company
– they’re loved and cherished by children and adults globally. Behind the
wonderful parade of characters, there’s only one man who has respectfully
earned all the credit for, and it’s none other than Elias Disney. Of course, he
was known to all of us, and his friends, by the name of Walt – Walt Disney.

Anyway, this is what
Walt Disney Day is all about! The day proudly celebrates his incredible
accomplishments and the impact he left in the world.

History of Walt Disney Day

Walt Disney was born in
1901, right at the dawn of the century, and one can claim, that he did
eventually, bring sunshine and smile around the world with his craft and cinema.
He singlehandedly bought us valuable entertainment by introducing animated
characters that made our childhoods. He gave us a reason to smile and memories
to reminisce. He was born in Chicago and moved a lot during his childhood, and
maybe that sparked his creativity and imagination.

Walt Disney Day is
essentially designed to give an ode to a man who dedicated his life to
celebrate love, friendship, and happiness. From Lion King to Frozen, his memory
and impact shall live on in our hearts, and of course, in cinema. You simply
can’t imagine a childhood without his movies and characters.

You have to understand
that his legacy isn’t only restricted to films and fantasy – we have theme
parks, toys, and so much more to admire and be in awe of. It is rightly said
that this man was the greatest entrepreneur of our times and still a child at

He had a humble
beginning – he started working as an illustrator in 1919, at the brink of WWI,
and during this time, he served as the member of the Red Cross. In a matter of
a decade, he gave birth to the most iconic character of cinema, Mickey Mouse!
Would you believe if we told you that he was riding on a bus when he
practically sketched Mickey Mouse? There was no looking back from thereon. He
ended up building a Disney Empire, the one that still stands today.

Ways to Celebrate Walt Disney Day

Obviously, there’s no
better way to celebrate World Disney Day than to binge-watch Disney films all
day. Hence, if you’re someone who has spent most of their childhood watching
Disney movies, then it’s the best time to go down memory lane. You can even
turn it into a gathering – call up your cousins and siblings, mix up a bunch of
Disney-themed food, forget about the world and its miseries, and just watch all
the cartoons and movies!

You can also choose to
go to Disney theme parts round the world, but that could be a problem this year
due to the COVID-19. There are many videos online that can give you the feel.
You can start planning the trip for next year!

And if you do, you just
can’t miss the famous Walt Disney Resort in Orlando, Florida! Depending on your
convenience and finances, you can even go to the one in Hong Kong and Pairs!
There are several attractions and a great bunch of rides all ready to take you
back to your childhood!

In case, you’re looking
for a way to celebrate and have a vacation with friends and family, Walt Disney
theme park is the best way to do that!

Honestly, there are
plenty of ways to celebrate this iconic day. It doesn’t matter if you have
children or not and if you’re a child or not. In fact, there is no age bracket
mandated for you to enjoy and celebrate this wonderful day! Pick your favorite character and binge all its movies on this day. These
characters have empowered us and taught us tricks and virtues all around, and
it’s time we pay that respect back.

How are you planning on
celebrating this day? Let us know in the comments below! Who is your favorite
character, movie, and theme park ride?

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Updated December 7, 2020
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