WandaVision’s Evan Peters gears up to play Jeffery Dahmer in Ryan Murphy’s Netflix series ‘Monster’

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  • POSTED ON: March 26, 2021

has ended. It was truly one of the best content that Marvel has ever created!
No one expected for this show to become so iconic, and it’s safe to admit that
it surpassed expectations. Fans were initially confused, as they failed to
grasp the plot and basic character graph, but— by the third episode— everyone
was hooked!

who’ve seen all the content that has come out from MCU will be pleased to see
the show. So, if you haven’t already, you must!

storyline of the series is impeccable, and blends seamlessly between the
Infinity War and Endgame time lapse. Fans especially liked the fact that the
series had referenced older movies and shown that it blended well with the
timeline and moods that were pre-established. We got to see how she actually
felt when she lost Vision! We also got to see throwbacks from her childhood and
how her parents really died. Age of Ultron actually touched upon this subject
but rather briefly.

were especially fascinated to see Captain Marvel’s involvement when they showed
Carol’s best friend’s daughter as one of the prominent characters. It was truly
fascinating, as we got to see what exactly happened when Captain Marvel left
planet Earth so as to protect other galleries.

who can forget the character from Dark World? Darcy Louis is Jane’s best friend
– well, you can find her character’s involvement, too. We had not seen her in
previous films, so it was nice to see the character after so long.

the show won people’s hearts because it stayed true to its initial time period
and nothing seemed out of place. They paid special attention to the time period;
like, they even had separate beds in the 1950s! From the production and
background characterization, they did everything perfectly. We loved how Evan
Peters played his character – so deliciously smooth!

going to end at the fact that the episodes were fantastic and that we can’t
wait for more seasons to come out! The star of the show Evan Peters, however,
seems to be a little busy right now because he is going to be moving on to
another show by Ryan Murphy – a school he’s not a stranger to.

guess what he’s going to be playing this time?

apparently gearing up to play the role of the infamous serial killer, Jeffery
Dahmer. It’s going to be a Netflix limited series, and we believe that Ian
Brennan is going to be co-creating it alongside Ryan Murphy. Does it not feel
like an American Horror Story reunion to you?

addition to Evan Peters, the two-time Oscar nominee Richard Jenkins is also
joining the cast. Apparently, he is going to be playing the role of Dahmer’s
father who was a chemist. Do you know that he was the one who introduced his
son to bleaching? He ended up doing that to animals for animal bone
preservation. Jeffery actually performed this stunt on one of

his victims!

Ann Miller is also joining the distinctive cast and will be seen playing the
role of his mother—whose name was Joyce. We’re being told that the 10-episode
long project is shown from the perspective of Jeffery, and it will eventually
be showing the incompetence of the police department and how he continued his
killing spree and stayed undiscovered for so many years.

we said before, Evan is coming straight from WandaVision, where he played the
role of Quicksilver and so he would be going through a massive transformation
for this particular role. Now that he also has the attention of the fans of the
Marvel Cinematic Universe, it will be interesting to see how he performs.

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you excited about Ryan Murphy’s Netflix series ‘Monster’? We’re sure that
Netflix limited series Monster will be the one to watch out for – possibly
might even swap all the awards! Expect nothing but greatness from WandaVision’s
Evan Peters is now ready to get into the headspace of killer Jeffery Dahmer. 

Updated March 26, 2021
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