Wanna Get Murdered Harry Potter Style? Sign Up for Napa Valley

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  • POSTED ON: February 21, 2020

Good news for all wine lovers!

 Napa Valley Wine Train is back with a blast, and this time, it calls out to all the students of Wizarding World, Hogwarts. So there is no room in the train for the Muggles, as the organizers have decided that they will include a special Murder Mystery segment for the lovers of Harry Potter.  

Source: Inside the Magic

The train is already known for organizing tours that instantly sell out, and with the themed rides, the Valley always keeps it interesting.

Wine, food and travelling. Name a better combination, we’ll wait!

The 2019 event became quite popular on social media when in April, the Train first set out with The Murder Mystery Company and then later organised a special 1980s themed murder mystery train.

Source: Napa Valley

But this time, they have come with even more options, and we are loving the list. Scott Goldie, the co-CEO of the Napa Valley Wine Train says, “Guests have loved the highly interactive nature of the experience when the Murder Mystery Tour launched in 2019, so we’re excited to partner with The Murder Mystery Company and its cast of talented actors for 2020.”

The dates have been released by the Train so book your seat before they close the registrations. The Harry Potter-themed train seems the coolest one by far, and we cannot wait to get our black robes and wands out to make the most of the experience.

Here are the dates for the exciting train rides that will begin in February

● Feb. 22 – Crime and Punishment

● Feb. 25 – Midnight at the Masquerade

● March 2 – Crime and Punishment

● April 25 – Crime and Punishment

● May 15 – Death of a Gangster

● May 29 – Crime and Punishment

● June 12 – Death of a Gangster

● June 27 – Crime and Punishment

● July 16 – Totally ’80s Totally Murder

● July 30 – Dance with Death

● Aug. 13 – Now you see it; Now you don’t

● Aug. 27 – Death of a Gangster

● Sept. 10 – Till Death Do Us Part

● Sept. 24 – Till Death Do Us Part

● Oct. 10 – Crime and Punishment

● Oct. 24 – Wizarding World

● Nov. 7 – Crime and Punishment

● Nov. 14 – Crime and Punishment

● Dec. 5 – Most Wonderful Crime (21 and older)

Source: Fanbolt

As you can see, October 24th is the day when Wizarding World will make a debut, so it is time to apply for a break from schools and workplaces and get ready for an adventurous Halloween.

Updated February 21, 2020
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