We bet you can’t recognize these celebrities in their Halloween look!

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  • POSTED ON: October 22, 2020

Let’s just admit this: nobody can pull off a Halloween
costume better than celebrities!

Yes, no kidding! 

After all, these crazy-rich humans have billions and
millions of dollars, expensive stylists, professional makeup artists and amazing
costumes at their fingertips to make their spookiest Halloween costumes come to

However, every year there are some celebrities who take
this Halloween game to a whole GODDAMN new level! Their dress and makeup are
so on-point that they are hardly recognizable! When you have a hard time
recognizing a celebrity in their Halloween makeup, you know this one celebrity
deserves the Halloween crown!

Some celebrities’ costumes are cute, hilarious, and
creative and some are just straightway CREEPY! After all, it’s Halloween, and
everyone is entitled to have a good scare, right?

Let’s see how many of you can recognize the following
celebrities in their Halloween look:

Source: Pinterest

If you’ve guessed Heidi
, you’re absolutely right! The ultimate queen of Halloween is dressed
up as the forbidden fruit from the biblical tale of the Garden of Eden, and we
all want to have it!

Source: mom.com

Gave up? Well, they are none other than Klum and her
husband, Tom Kaulitz, awesomely
pulling off Shrek and Princess Fiona. 


Yes, she’s Katie
marvelously transformed into a young Donald Trump back in 2004…

Yes, Colton Haynes, we got it!! You take Halloween
very seriously!

If you call “Beetle Juice” three times, Weekend might come running towards you!
The weekend’s 2018 Halloween Tim Burton-inspired look.


So who’s behind the mask? It’s our beloved star from
Vampire Diaries Kat Graham dressed up as the Jim Carrey in 2018. I bet you’re
still struggling to recognize her!

Any guesses?

This is Heidi
again dressed/undressed as a skinless body! Whoa!



Just hand over the crown to her already!


Dressed as a creepy antique doll in 2014. 

This one is quite easy to recognize!

But full points on creativity! Katy Perry in a Cheetos costume… after all, ‘you are what you eat!’

So how many of these have you guessed right? Tell us
in the comment section!

Updated October 22, 2020
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