Where Are The Bike Lanes In Lego World?

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  • POSTED ON: February 24, 2020

Have you ever wondered where the bike lanes in Lego City’s set are?

If yes, then you have a voice now as Marcel Steeman, a citizen of the Netherlands, pointed out the absence of such an important track from the Legos while playing with his children some months ago.

Source: The Verge

He said, “There were Lego cyclists, but I wondered where they had to cycle. If you are Dutch, you are used to having cycling lanes”.

And he is absolutely right. Lego city accommodates every tiny metropolitan detail from train and cars to tornado drain pipes. However, a facility that actually benefits the society in a world, where fossil fuel emission is a major concern, is not included in the toy city.

This caused the experts to view the changes, which the Lego world has undergone over the years, only to discover that the roads have become wider and the pedestrians’ sidewalks have been pushed into the corner.

Source: Twitter

Over the years, the size of cars has also increased considerably. So now they occupy more space, and all you see on roads are vehicles that emit soot and toxic chemicals.

Source: Twitter

Steeman argues that “Lego’s ties must show road life that focuses on all roadway individuals” including the pedestrians as they contribute to a more positive and environment-friendly picture of the cities in the young minds so they can be inspired.

An associate teacher in metropolitan preparation at the University of Amsterdam, Marco Te Brommelstroet helped Steeman raise the issue on Twitter under the name Cycling Professor to encourage more designs of Lego that focus on including bike lanes.

Source: People for Bikes                                                  Source: YouTube

However, to their disappointment, the designs were not accepted because the traffic rules are different in every country. While the citizens of the Netherlands are used to having facilities like the red Dutch path, this is not the trend in other regions like the United States or even Denmark where blue cycling lanes are popular.

This is a topic of heated debate on Twitter as M te Brommelstroet believes that the primary reason for rejecting this idea is not rooted in the traffic rules but the fact that Lego is associated with Shell and has been funded by the oil company in the past.

This is the root cause of this dismissive reaction.
Te Brommelstroet strongly believes that Lego should take action to introduce eco-friendly alternatives in the toys to raise awareness, so the minds of children are not corrupted at such a young age.

He stated, “they restrict the creative thinking of future generations; these [street] plates are where you make your very first journeys and also where you begin thinking of the city!”

Well, Lego is a multi-billionaire company, so we are hardly surprised that they were capitalizing on something as basic as children’s toys but hope they stop doing so soon.

Updated February 24, 2020
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