Why Oscars 2020 Will Always Be Recalled As The History-Making Night?

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  • POSTED ON: February 15, 2020

All hail Bong Joon-ho — and Eminem’s surprising performance and Billie Eilish’s puzzled reactions. Here are some of the highlights of the most important event in Hollywood.

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With Parasite making history, this year’s Oscars have made headlines like no other. Usually, Oscars are known to whitewash talent. With movies like 12 Years a Slave getting snubbed consistently, it was surprising to find out that Parasite not only ended up sweeping Best International Movie Award, but it also won Best Movie and Best Direction. These are some serious categories, and the audiences were pleasantly surprised to see a good movie receive what it deserved.

Apart from this, Eminem made a shocking appearance (18 YEARS LATER!) to perform on his academy award-winning song Lose Yourself. The audience’s reaction went from confused to surprised to excited in under three minutes.

Taika Waititi is the first indigenous director to win an Oscar for best-adapted screenplay for Jojo Rabbit – a movie about a German boy whose mother is hiding a Jewish girl in their home. Interestingly, this movie is about blind nationalism and how the rage of World War II continued. This topic is highly relevant today, which is why people weren’t upset to see Greta Gerwig getting snubbed. However, fans were upset that none of the female directors got a nomination for Oscars this year.

Source: GQ

Another surprising thing that happened at the Oscars this year was Brad Pitt winning. He won the best supporting actor for the first time. His speech was emotional as he dedicated the award to his children, and frankly, we all teared up a bit.

As expected, Joaquin Phoenix won the award for best actor award for his performance in Joker. His speech was full of emotions as he recited the lines his brother wrote, and they were truly touching and heart-warming.

Source: The federalist

Laura Dern also earned the award for best-supporting actress. This was truly special as she is the woman who was boycotted by Hollywood for supporting Ellen DeGeneres in her coming out episode. The woman who earned an Oscar for her best-supporting actress wasn’t given work for almost ten years for standing up for human rights. And this was a special moment that history shall cherish forever!

And finally, Jane Fonda also made an appearance to hand out the award for Best Picture. Fans were delighted to see her, as it can be taxing to make out time for an award show, especially when you’re busy protesting and getting arrested every day. Ouch!

Updated February 15, 2020
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