Why People Don’t Want To Watch Tenet Hitting Homes In December!

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  • POSTED ON: December 17, 2020

Nolan’s Tenet (here’s everything about its VOD release), the big-budget, mind-bending, thriller movie that arrived
at the midst of pandemic (because apparently, Nolan wanted people to risk their
lives and come to theatres to watch his freaking movie, which will most
probably confuse your already disillusioned minds), is now scheduled for a home
release on box office on December 15th.

you know what, fans are not even excited this time to watch Tenet…

first released, Tenet generally garnered positive reviews while some criticized
it for its extremely tangled storyline. Overall, Tenet was a major flop in
terms of box office performance. At Least, Nolan probably learned his lesson!

now when the movie is coming to Home Entertainment, a much safer alternative to
rewatch his movie, fans are not buying it—literally!


Because Nolan’s realistic approach
doesn’t blow away fans’ minds…

was a time when we used to love the generic aesthetics of a Christopher Nolan
film. All that realistic, business casual flare sets his movies apart from
other filmmakers and makes his approach to the Batman trilogy seem revolutionary! But now fans are kind of tired
with his same-old technique.

have had enough of these men in suits shooting at each other for no apparent

the look of its trailer, it seems like he applied that trick to this movie as
well, and fans are not finding it fascinating!

Because it’s another Inception-like movie

be told, Inception sets the bar when it comes to mystery and thriller movies.
It’s one of Nolan’s revolutionary cinematic masterpieces! The film’s plot was
oozing with originality. Like an idea of a bunch of people planning to plot a
dream instead of stealing it. What? How? Well, Nolan brilliantly pulled it off!

far as Tenet is concerned, we know that Tenet has something to do with time!
But isn’t it what we have seen in many movies? It feels like Nolan forgot to
hit the brakes when it came to adding time manipulation. Our heads are still

Tenet turns out to be as original as Inception, we’ll know where to put our
money at! But it seems like fans are not convinced by the trailer, and rightly

be the judge and decide:

Because it’s too complicated…

at the beginning of the movie, it will feel like you’re solving those
complicated algorithm problems that tend to be too difficult no matter how much
effort you put in.

while marketed as a great escape from the ongoing pandemic, turned out to be so
tangled up in itself that it feels to be as joyless an experience as going to
see this movie in the midst of a pandemic.

Because of it’s awful timing…

was supposed to be an escape from the anxiety, depression, and all the bad
vibes this covid-19 has brought into our lives (at least how it was marketed),
but does it really succeed to do so? Well, fans are doubting it!

is a confusing, tangled up movie, which will further push you in the COVID
limbo instead of helping you escape from it. Which is exactly why this movie is
the wrong film for this time!

if you tend to focus on every movement and sequence, the more you zoom in, the
more questions you will have in your mind. And you’ll be asking yourself or to
the dumb friend sitting beside you: WTF
is even going on?

Because of Nolan’s selfish intentions

he’s a super talented and famed director in the industry. But this time he lost
our respect! While many big studios decided to release their big flicks either on
digital platforms or have postponed them, Nolan decided to release the movie in
the midst of the pandemic—indirectly asking people to come out of their safe
houses, because he made a big-as* budgeted movie and it will look awful on laptop

doesn’t care if you catch a virus or anything, but you gotta watch it because
it will offer you a so-called ‘escape’…

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Updated December 17, 2020
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