Calling All Wordsmiths – Wattpad’s Creator Program Now More Inclusive Than Ever!

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  • POSTED ON: June 2, 2023

Wattpad, the revolutionary storytelling platform, is set to unleash a whirlwind of excitement as it gears up to revamp and breathe new life into its creator program. In a bold move, Wattpad has decided to make the program more accessible for writers, taking a giant leap forward in supporting their creative endeavors.

Bursting onto the scene just last year, the Wattpad Creators Program initially faced its fair share of limitations and complexities. However, despite its humble beginnings, the program has already left an indelible mark, showering creators with a staggering sum of nearly $3.8 million in stipends.

But that’s not all! Hold onto your pens because Wattpad is prepared to unleash a tidal wave of creativity by injecting an additional $1 million into the program during the remainder of the year. It’s a financial game-changer for aspiring wordsmiths all around the globe.

Previously, the creator program boasted different tiers, with each level sporting its own unique set of requirements tailored to a writer’s individual goals. However, in a sweeping transformation, Wattpad is shaking things ups. They are bidding adieu to the tier system and embracing a single level and experience that beckons all aspiring storytellers to dive in headfirst.

Why the change, you may ask? Well, the brilliant minds behind Wattpad believe that simplicity is the key to unleashing the full potential of writers. By eliminating the complexities associated with navigating various tiers, writers can finally liberate their minds and focus on what truly matters – crafting captivating tales that entice readers’ hearts and minds.

This new program for writers is currently accessible through invitation only. To qualify for this program, writers must meet certain criteria. Firstly, they need to commit to writing 500 words per week. Secondly, they should have completed at least one novel-length story with a word count of 50,0000 or more in their portfolio.

Additionally, writers must have at least one story in a genre that meets the minimum requirements for Engaged Readers.

Engaged Readers are defined as individuals who have spent more than five minutes reading a story within the last year. The number of Engaged Readers required varies depending on the genre, ranging from 9,000 for general fiction to 100 for horror.

Wattpad is making changes to its creator program to make it more accessible to writers. The original program had limited spots and offered stipends upon entry, but the new program focuses on providing stipends for specific writing initiatives.

Additionally, Wattpad is enhancing its writer education and coaching, offering all writers access to resources and perks that were previously available only to more experienced or prolific writers. This includes access to Wattpad’s editorial response tool, live coaching sessions, quarterly meetings, and other tools to support growth and career development on the platform.

Nick Uskoski, Head of Content and Creator Development at Wattpad, expressed that not all individuals have the means or opportunities to participate in writing workshops and retreats. Therefore, Wattpad is committed to providing a similar sense of community, support, and valuable insights through its Creators Program. The aim is not only to serve as a platform where writers initiate their careers but also to foster their growth and success on Wattpad and beyond.

As part of the new program, Wattpad will introduce limited-term writing initiatives to promote the creation of fresh content in genres that the platform desires to have more representation. One such initiative is a year-long project inspired by Writing Intensives, where writers will receive a stipend for consistently publishing new chapters on a weekly basis.

In conclusion, Wattpad’s revamped creator program aims to remove barriers to entry and expand its writer community. By offering stipends for specific writing initiatives, providing access to educational resources, and fostering a supportive environment, Wattpad seeks to empower writers to grow, flourish, and build their careers on the platform.

The introduction of limited-term writing initiatives further encourages the production of desired content, fostering diversity and engagement within Wattpad’s vibrant community of writers and readers.

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Updated June 2, 2023
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