From The Recruiters’ Desks: 6 Secrets To Win Salary Negotiations

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  • POSTED ON: April 5, 2023

Giving back-to-back job interviews and failing at salary negotiations is tiring and upsetting. So, what should you do for better and different outcomes? First, take a deep breath and calm down.

Feels good, right? Anyway, we know how to win salary negotiations, and we’re here to help you overcome this stressful hustle. And to make this easier, we’ve come up with 6 secrets straight from the recruiters’ desks! So, enough chitchat. Let’s get to the good stuff!

1) The Power Of Precision: Use A Specific Number When You’re Asked About Your Expectations

Guess what? Your desired salary saying in a negotiation decides the outcome.

As per a study by Columbia Business School in 2013, you should use a precise number, like $50,750 instead of $50,000. By doing this, you will sound assertive, smart, and knowledgeable.

Told by one of the recruiters, a candidate with specific salary demand got the final offer over others. This further gave away an impression that a candidate has done their homework and knows their worth in the job market.

  • Now, How To Come Up With That Specific Number?

Conduct market research and see what other firms are offering for your designation. Further, you can consider your working experience and financial needs.

  • Another Perk Of Salary Negotiations

You don’t have to disclose all details to your employer! Most firms avoid questioning your reason for giving a specific number. So, don’t be afraid to say your expectations out loud next time!

2) Unleash Your Professional Story: Let LinkedIn Be Your Bragging Buddy

As observed by another recruiter, most women struggle to talk confidently about their achievements and skills. However, when negotiating your salary, it’s important to tell what you’ve accomplished. In this way, your expectation will be justified too.

But speaking your mind is not easy for everyone. So, try LinkedIn for that. It is a public platform designed for job seekers and recruiters. Up there, you can talk about your achievements, link your portfolios, and add resumes.

In this way, your recruiter would already know what you’re capable of. Also, gone are the days of blind loyalty to employers. Instead, it’s okay to let your employer know that you value a mutually beneficial relationship.

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3) Let Others Sing Your Praises: The Power Of Recommendations On LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s recommendation feature is like having someone vouch for you publicly and credibly. It’s like getting a virtual pat from real people who took the time to write a positive recommendation for you.

As per the research, most candidates get better opportunities with these recommendations. And the best part? You can let others call you amazing without letting you brag about it! It’s a smart and strategic way to showcase your skills and expertise on LinkedIn.

So, go ahead, let others do the talking for you and boost your professional reputation!

4) Debunking The Myth Of The 40-Hour Workweek

Hey, don’t feel demotivated if you’re not getting through higher salary negotiations. We’ve got an idea that works wonders;

If you’re a salaried employee, your employer can’t tell you how many hours to work by law. Plus, you can ask for more pay if they tell you to do overtime.

So, sticking to the same less-salaried job doesn’t sounds good. But at least you don’t have to work like a robot! Just don’t announce this hack to anyone, and find a better work-life balance that works for you.

5) The Art Of Negotiation: Letting Employee Offer Expand Your Opportunities

Let’s see what another recruiter has to say;

“A company tried to hire me with a salary of $85,000, the same amount their previous employee made in a week. But I knew I could do the same job in less time. So, I decided to work as a consultant and managed to run my business with that job, too.

Of course, I was on probation at first. But I got the work done in 10 hours a week instead of 40 at the same pay rate. As expected, the company was impressed and signed me up.”

So, did you see how this person played a UNO reverse card on the company and got them to agree to his terms instead?

6) Financial Liberation: Walking Away On Your Terms

The best secret to winning salary negotiations is knowing when to walk away! You don’t have to agree with what firms might be offering. Obviously, they’ll try to hire a person with fewer expectations. But don’t neglect the market demand, financial situation and your worth.

Further, we’ve headed to an economic crisis anyway. So, finding a high-paying job has to be on your Wishlist. And if you take a job with a low salary, the three-month probation gives you the freedom to switch.

So, make sure to prioritize your financial well-being and use it as leverage in your negotiations.

Hayvine Sends Its Best Wishes!

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And that was all in the six secret recipe to win salary negotiations. Best of luck! Also, if you’re looking forward to knowing about us more, feel free to reach out!

Updated April 5, 2023
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