Google Offers Free AI Courses – Stocks Soar High

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  • POSTED ON: June 7, 2023

Google, a prominent player in the technology industry and an early innovator in artificial intelligence has been working hard to catch up in the AI race following the advancements made by Microsoft and OpenAI with ChatGPT.

However, Google is now directly addressing a critical issue: the necessity of equipping everyday individuals with the skills that will help them prosper in future job markets.

Recently, Google officially launched its new generative AI learning path, consisting of ten different courses aimed at providing the average individual with a better understanding of AI and machine learning.

This initiative is particularly crucial in a world where AI automation is predicted to replace many jobs. As investors, it is reassuring to see one of the leading Big Tech companies taking a long-term approach to AI. So, let’s dive into the details.

So What’s The Deal With Google’s Free Generative AI Courses?

First, let’s explore Google’s latest generative AI learning course. In an informative blog post, Google announced the release of seven new free courses on generative AI, followed by three additional courses added to the platform recently.

These courses cover topics such as understanding the distinctions between AI and machine learning, an introduction to Google’s machine learning training platform, Vertex AI, and the ethics surrounding responsible AI development.

These courses aim to serve as a starting point for users to grasp the concept of generative AI, its role within the broader AI ecosystem, and where they can access further learning resources to transition into new AI-focused careers.

Critics might argue that this is merely a strategy to attract aspiring AI enthusiasts to Google’s training system and to encourage them to use Google software to build their own AI and machine learning models, thus solidifying Google’s position in the AI wars.

However, building AI models requires specific skills. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a 36% growth rate for data scientist roles over the next decade, making these new courses practical for companies like Google, which will require a substantial number of AI-focused data scientists in the future.

How Google Is Promoting AI Adoption

In addition to the new AI courses, Google has taken other steps to promote AI adoption. One notable initiative is the launch of the Google for Startups Growth program in Europe. This three-month course targets European AI entrepreneurs utilizing technology for health and well-being.

Ever since OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT emerged, Google has been racing to catch up by developing its own version, Bard, for users. Just last month, Google announced significant changes to its search function, a core aspect of its business where it currently holds around 85% of the market share.

Recently, Google, along with Meta and TikTok, faced criticism regarding the labelling of AI-generated content. The European Commission expressed concerns about the rapid spread of misinformation facilitated by AI.

A recent incident involving an AI-generated image of the Pentagon being attacked caused a brief 0.3% drop in the S&P 500 before the image was debunked.

Furthermore, concerns surrounding AI safety persist. Notably, Dr. Geoffrey Hinton, a prominent figure at Google and considered one of the ‘godfathers of AI,’ resigned to raise awareness about this issue.

To address these concerns, Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai emphasized the importance of regulating AI effectively in a recent Financial Times opinion piece, stating, “AI is too important not to regulate, and too important not to regulate well.”

High Stocks and Revenue Growth

Unsurprisingly, the stock market has responded positively to Alphabet’s endeavors. The company’s share price has risen nearly 17% in the last month and over 41% since the beginning of the year.

With AI fueling its success, Google has experienced a remarkable year, presenting significant opportunities for the company to capitalize on. This is certainly something investors have taken note of.

Google’s cloud computing division also witnessed a 28% revenue growth year-over-year in the last quarter. By leveraging AI, Google saw an opportunity to compete with Microsoft’s Azure and Amazon’s AWS cloud computing services, which currently dominate approximately 55% of the market share.

In conclusion, the world of AI can be perplexing to the general public. Therefore, Google’s new courses and tools aim to bridge the knowledge gap and help individuals better understand AI.

This initiative will undoubtedly aid Google in attracting skilled engineers and scientists to drive their future AI endeavors.

The Investment Perspective

Moreover, from an investment perspective, Google’s proactive approach positions the company favorably, surpassing the early winner, Microsoft.

The learning courses are a strategic move that fosters reliance on Google’s AI products. With a significant market share in search engine usage, Google has demonstrated its potential for continued growth, capturing the attention of investors.

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Final Thoughts

In summary, Google’s dedication to providing accessible AI education and its wider strategic initiatives highlight the company’s commitment to the field.

By empowering individuals through knowledge and capitalizing on its dominant search engine market share, Google is well-positioned to shape the future of AI. Investors recognize this potential, making Google an enticing option for investment.

Updated June 7, 2023
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