Today’s Discussion: Top 8 No-Exam Life Insurance Companies

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  • POSTED ON: April 7, 2023

‘Life insurance:’ These two words instantly give an idea of financial security to you and your family if something happens. But aren’t you tired of traditional life insurance policies? Which takes a lot of time and not to mention the continuous medical exams?! So, we have a perfect way to avoid that, i.e., no-exam life insurance companies!

Therefore, let’s not make you read more of this introduction and check out the top 8 no-exam insurance options. Also, we’ve listed all the pros and cons for better closure. 

1. Brighthouse Financial (5⭐)

Brighthouse Financial is the best when it comes to buying no-exam life insurance. The company’s SimplySelect Term policy offers same-day approvals. Plus, there’s high coverage and competitive rates for its customers. 

Pros & Cons

  • $2 million no-exam coverage amount 
  • Same-day approval possibility 
  • Not much variety of contract length options
  • Limited policy conversion rules at older ages

2. Legal & General America (5⭐)

Legal & General America insurance offers high coverage, no-exam life insurance. Plus, there are low rates and a wide selection of contracts to choose from.  

Pros & Cons 

  • Second lowest rates compared to other companies 
  • $2 million coverage amount for no-exam 
  • Instant approvals once you qualify 
  • Variety of contract lengths 
  • Conversion to universal life insurance option available 
  • Older ages can also get high coverage amount of $2 million
  • Limited policy conversion options for 66+ ages

3. Lincoln Financial (5⭐)

Lincoln Financial not only offers no-exam life insurance. But it has excellent rates and high eligibility for maximum coverage amount. 

Pros & Cons 

  • Lowest rates 
  • Conversion to permanent policy option available 
  • High eligible coverage of $1 million amount for older citizen
  • Limited conversion options within Lincoln Financial 
  • The company selects the plan
  • No instant approvals 

no-exam life insurance


4. Jenny Life (4.5⭐)

Besides the no-exam insurance feature, Jenny Life has instant approvals, low rates, and minimum face amounts. And the company has a record of selling maximum coverage amounts. 

Pros & Cons 

  • Minimum amount of $25,000 is available 
  • Instant approvals 
  • Minimum eligibility age is 45 for high-coverage amounts

5. Transamerica (4.5⭐)

Transamerica no-exam insurance is best when opting for low rates and high coverage amounts. Further, the company has suitable contract lengths covering multiple insurance needs. 

Pros & Cons 

  • Highest number of renewals available 
  • Large collection of term lengths 
  • $2 million coverage amount available 
  • Minimum 45 age required for accessing high coverage no-exam insurance 
  • Policy conversion is available at the age of 70, but only the company will select the plan

6. Prudential Financial (4.0⭐)

Prudential Financial no-exam life insurance has its perks. For example, the buyers will enjoy the $3 million coverage limit with the company’s Term Essential.

Pros & Cons 

  • No-exam coverage amount up to $3 million 
  • Offers high eligibility age of 60
  • Easy conversion policies 
  • Long wait in approvals compared to other companies

7. SBLI (4.0⭐)

Don’t worry if you haven’t found the best no-exam life insurance yet. We’ve saved the best for last, i.e., SBLI. The company offers various contract lengths and premium policies. Though SBLI’s rates aren’t that low. It still has a high eligibility age for maximum coverage available! 

Pros & Cons 

  • Wide collection of contract lengths 
  • High eligibility age is 60 for getting the coverage amount of $750,000
  • Maximum age required for renewal is 85
  • Low no-exam coverage amounts 
  • Conversion to universal life costs $100,000 or more
  • Longer wait for approvals 

8. Ethos Life (4.0⭐)

According to our research, Ethos Life insurance has the lowest face amounts and instant approvals. Further, with a no-exam feature, the company has high coverage amounts. 

Pros & Cons 

  • High coverage of $2 million available 
  • Minimum low amount is $1000
  • Instant approvals 
  • No conversion to permanent policy

Queries Regarding No-Exam Life Insurance

no-exam life insurance

It’s okay if you’re still confused about this life insurance. That’s why we’ve come up with a few resolved queries to help you understand the concept of no-exam life insurance completely. 

  • Simple Explanation Of This Policy

At first, it does seem like an academic exam-related policy. Sadly, you can’t escape those exams. But if you’re tired of giving medical exams every time and spending several amounts on those tests. Then, you should buy this insurance. 

Also, such an insurance policy is suitable for younger ages with fewer health risks. But there’s nothing to worry about if you don’t fall under these categories. The company will offer you the traditional method instead. 

  • Getting The Best No-Exam Life Insurance 

Now, here’s how to get the best no-exam insurance; 

  • Check the eligibility criteria before applying and your chances 
  • Don’t fall for costs. Check out the features and benefits of multiple policies 
  • Be honest while filling out the forms 
  • Plan A didn’t work? Move to plan B! 

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So, this is the end of the top 8 no-exam life insurance companies brief. We hope you’ve made up your mind and found the one. And if you’re looking forward to knowing more about us, check out our socials and other blogs! 


Updated April 7, 2023
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