Travel Insurance: The Best Wingman For Summer Air-Adventures!

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  • POSTED ON: May 9, 2023

Summer season is here y’all! And we know you’ve been making those summer airline plans for a long time. But with so many people getting on board with the same ideas, facing airline issues becomes common. And since we don’t want you to experience such troubles, we’ve come up with all reasons to get travel insurance right away.

That said, in this blog, we’ll explore all the situations in which travel insurance becomes effective. Plus, we’ll also talk about the benefits you’ll be getting with this subscription. And hang tight till the end, as we’ll also tell you how to get one!

Insuring Your Summer Adventure: Why Is This Necessary?

Let’s get real; we all want a summer of our lives. But airline disruptions during summer often stop us from achieving this dream. And problems like weather changes or staff shortages occur often.

Don’t believe us? Matthew Colbert, a principal consultant at the EAS, has confirmed the occurrence of such disruptions lately. And not only this, the FAA has asked airlines to cut flights to places like New York due to air traffic facilities.

Further, as per the president of Yonder Travel Insurance, many people are buying travel insurance to reduce such risks.

How Can Travel Insurance Save You From Summer Airline Problems?

Now that we’ve discussed the increased necessity of buying travel insurance. Here’s an insight into how it can save you from summer airline troubles;

Though the first benefit is getting refunds on flight cancellations or delayed troubles. But we assure you there are more benefits like;

●     Travel Delay Coverage

This helps cover extra lodging, food, and transportation costs if your airline gets delayed for a long time.

●     Baggage Delay Coverage

If you experience baggage troubles often, this coverage would be a good option.

●     Trip Interruption

This comes in handy when recovering nonrefundable trip expenses amid unexpected work stoppage.

Though these coverages are often included in standard travel insurance policies. But the amount of coverage can vary.

Travel Insurance: The Best Wingman For Summer Air-Adventures!

Think Big & Get Your Entire Adventure Insured!

People don’t just buy travel insurance when their flight gets canceled. There are other perks, too. For example, getting your entire vacation covered if something goes wrong with your flight. You can also avail yourself of this feature if you miss out on a tour or need a hotel stay.

At Seven Corners, Angela Borden also suggests getting travel insurance if you’re worried about losing money. Other than that, the refund on flight cancellation is a must anyway.

Though airlines don’t provide full refunds on their tickets. You can make this happen through travel insurance.

Innovative Insurance: Exploring New Ways To Cover Your Summer Flights

Looking for ways to protect yourself when you travel? Good news! Travel insurance has got your back. In fact, there are some new tricks up its sleeve that you might not have heard about yet.

For starters, many travel insurance policies now cover COVID-19. This means you can rest easy knowing you’ll be protected if you get sick before your flight. Plus, companies like Covac Global offer policies with fewer restrictions.

But that’s not all. Travel insurance companies are also offering 24/7 customer help these days. So, no more waiting on hold to inquire about your flight status. And the best part? They also offer medical or legal advice, just in case.

Though we have been pushing you to buy such insurance from the start. You’ve got to make sure you’re getting all these features within too.

Travel Insurance: The Best Wingman For Summer Air-Adventures!

An Added New Benefit

Everything’s been getting an update lately, including travel insurance policies. So, the good news is that now you can benefit from ‘inconvenience,’ too.

For example, you can expect instant cash if your flight gets delayed or you lose luggage.

Most companies cover travel issues and send out an extra sum of $100 to make up for any inconvenience faced on the flight.

Here’s How To Get Travel Insurance For Your Next Flight;

We hope you’re convinced enough to get this subscription. But what’s the procedure? Don’t worry; we will guide you in this, too.

  • Before you travel, make sure to read your travel insurance policy carefully. Most benefits usually depend on the country and insurer.
  • Most insurers won’t refund you if you buy a flight with a different carrier due to a delay. Instead, work with your airline for rebooking.
  • If your flight is canceled and your airline can’t rebook you, your insurance can jump in to help.
  • Don’t forget to contact your travel insurance company before booking a new ticket to avoid any confusion about your coverage.
  • Consider a plan that offers fixed benefit payouts for common travel inconveniences. This can include flight delays or delayed baggage.

The Best Travel Insurance Option For Summer Adventure In Town

Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection

These guys offer two plans to help travelers deal with common problems;

  • The first plan is AirCare. It can give you money if your flight is delayed, canceled, diverted, or you’ve missed your connection. Further, it can also help you if your baggage is lost or delayed or if you experience a tarmac delay.
  • The second plan is the ExactCare Extra. This is more of a standard policy that covers medical emergencies or trip cancelations. Though this policy also offers payments for smaller inconveniences. For example, in case of flight departure delays, you can expect $50. In missed connections, a $100 and $1000 for tarmac delays.

Travel Insurance: The Best Wingman For Summer Air-Adventures!

Your Summer Adventure Awaits You!

So, that was our take on how travel insurance can be your wingman for this summer’s air adventure. From discussing the whys and hows to suggesting the best option, we’ve covered it all.

Now, go ahead and plan your dream summer vacation peacefully, as you’re covered for any unexpected mishaps.

Updated May 9, 2023
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