600 YouTubers to Plant 20 Million Trees By 2022

  • AUTHOR: anam
  • POSTED ON: November 19, 2019

It’s about damn time.

A welcome initiative took place earlier this year by brilliant and co-active YouTubers in which they will collectively plant 20 million trees to combat climate change.
This is essentially an effort made by the famous YouTuber and Philanthropist, Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson. He will team up with Mark Rober, Marshmello, iJustine, Rhett & Link, Ninja,

The Slow Mo Guys, Jacksepticeye, Simone Giertz, Smarter Every Day, Pewdiepie, and many more in this fundraising initiative. 

Each of these YouTubers has an exceptionally strong following ranging from 1 million subscribers to 40 million and above.


Jimmy Donaldson is already known for giving away huge amounts of money to his fans and subscribers. This is why the partnership and the effort to fight climate change doesn’t come as a surprise to others. Donaldson has sent an invitation to every YouTuber to join in this mega fundraising event. Furthermore, this initiative is being described as the biggest YouTube collaboration of all time, as 600 participants will lend their channels to the cause.


Considering the power and fan following of YouTubers, this idea seems extravagant and important. It must be applauded and encouraged as YouTubers are finally collaborating to ensure and re-establish their status as influencers. When people use their privilege well, their effort, dedication, and intention must be recognized. Furthermore, the constant debate around the prominence and relevance of YouTubers can now be put to rest. In addition to this, the comparison with actors and celebrity figures can also quiet down tremendously as they are now using their privilege as entertainers effectively and for the greater good.

The plan is pretty basic. All of the participants will upload videos online with the hashtag #TeamTrees and urge their subscribers or fans to donate to the cause. Next, YouTube has confirmed its inclusion in the plan by assuring that all the transactions will be made on the platform.

This thoughtful project aims to positively impact the algorithm and establish this trending hashtag. By attaining this, they will be able to flood the newsfeed of the users with videos about climate change ensuring that the topic receives maximum attention and coverage. Moreover, the idea is to push this subject to the extent that it starts dominating the homepages and recommendation sections of as many users as possible.

What started as a simple gesture to celebrate 20 million subscribers quite remarkably turned into a climate change battle for Jimmy Donaldson. Basically, in May 2019, he had asked his fans to give suggestions to celebrate this benchmark. To which his fans on Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube had recommended the plantation of 20 million trees. Since his brand is all about philanthropy and charity, partaking in a climate change combat seemed pretty apt.

“We want to show that YouTube isn’t just a drama fest. We actually have real influence and can make real change” says Donaldson in a private interview.

Finally, the plan is set to plant 20 million trees by the year 2022. Although this won’t solve the issue of climate change, it will surely reduce the increasingly growing adverse effects causing thousands of lives every year. Furthermore, it will raise the alarm and coerce the politicians to take urgent actions against the problem.  

Updated November 19, 2019
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