Everything You Need to Know About 2020’s The Great Conjunction and Winter Solstice!

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  • POSTED ON: December 21, 2020

Every year Winter
Solstice is celebrated on the 21st of December worldwide and by Google, indicating the
shortest and coldest day of the year. But this year, it’s going to be even more
special (find out here), as we’ll witness another miraculous event around the same time: The
Great Conjunction!

Here are the five shocking facts about the great conjunction!

What really happens on
the 2020 winter solstice?

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As we already
mentioned, the Winter Solstice happens on the 21st of December every
year and it’s the shortest day of the year. But how is it possible? That’s your
actual question, right?

Basically on this day,
the sun tends to be at its lowest in the Northern Hemisphere sky, making it
stand at the farthest standpoint in the Southern region. Therefore, the sun
finds itself directly over the Tropic of Capricorn.

Here are the closest pictures of Sun released by NASA.

Due to this reason, people
who reside at 23.5 degrees south latitude, experience the sun right over them
at noon. The day is considered to be their summer solstice. Shortly thereafter,
the sun starts to move towards the north again.

But if you thought that
because of the winter solstice, the Northern Hemisphere would also observe the
latest sunrise and earliest sunset, you’re wrong. They, in fact, occur two
weeks prior and after the winter solstice 2020. The reason is simple: the
distance is changing from the sun elliptically and not in a circular motion,
which changes the speed at which we orbit around the sun.

When you compare the
position of the sun at the same time every other day of the year, you’d notice
that it’s not the same. It would be right to state that the sun is positioned higher
in the summer and lower in the sky during winters. But we must also keep in
mind that it moves from side to side at its regular noontime position. Due to
this reason, the time at which the sun rises and sets changes.

It must also be kept in
mind that varied seasons exist due to the axial tilt of Earth – the distance
from the Sun plays no role in this phenomenon. So, the explanation that we’re
closest to the sun in January is baseless.

Now onto out next
question: What exactly is the great conjunction?

As you may know, Saturn
and Jupiter have been seen fairly close to one another throughout the year. But
things will be different this time around. On the 21st of December,
both planets will experience a somewhat meet up, giving us a
rare sight to witness on that night.

Good news for people
who’ve got a pair of binoculars: you can witness this miraculous occasion, easily on the 21st of December. It’s the first time in two decades
that this merger of some kind will be spotted. next time it appears will be
2080, and we bet you on this, most of us will be dead by then.

The last time we got to
see this unique union was back in 2000, however, the two planets were soon separated
by two full-moon widths. This year, the orbits are in favor yet again and they
appear to be approximately one-fifth of a full-moon diameter.

This is a
once-in-a-lifetime type of a situation because you won’t be able to view this
sight in the next 60 years at least. And it’s also being said that this time
around the union will be spectacular and large.

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Are you interested in
viewing the great conjunction? You can stream it on one of the observatory
telescope sessions that will go live on the day. There
will be expert panels available during that session to respond to your queries.
But hey, remember that it will be out at dusk so be prepared. In the United
States, the conjunction will be seen at 5:02 a.m. ET.

Can’t wait to celebrate
the December Solstice and Great Conjunction’ of Jupiter and Saturn on December
21st! Also, check out the 19 most creative New Year Eve’s ideas 2021 while you enjoy the December Global Holidays and keep safe from the deadly Coronavirus mutating in the UK!

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Updated December 21, 2020
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