Hubble’s New Photo Gives Glimpse To A “Fluffy” Galaxy

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: July 6, 2020

A detailed view of a unique spiral galaxy known as NGC 2775 can be seen in a photo taken by Hubble
Space Telescope of The European Space Agency and NASA.

This view of the galaxy is
described by ESA as flocculant. This is an interesting choice of word as its
literal meaning is wooly, feathery or fluffy. The description seems pretty on
point as you can see the arms spiraling out from its center and they resemble
dog fur that is dotted with millions of blue stars.

According to ESA, the
furry arms imply that there hasn’t been anything in the way of star formation
in this particular galaxy for quite some time. The arms that are actually made
of gas are probably spread throughout due to the rotation of the galaxy. The
center is also known as galactic bulge as it doesn’t have any star there.
Apparently, all of these stars that are now spread all over the galaxy were once
found in the center. 

No doubt, our entire world is full of God’s handiwork – in the sea and land, the plants and animals. But when it comes to the sky, the universe has a realm of impeccable beauty. To know and see more of our beautiful galaxy, get yourself the depiction of the spectacular view of God’s creation.

According to Sky Live,
this galaxy is situated in the Gemini constellation. 

Updated July 6, 2020
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