Popcorn Lung Disease Spotted in a Teen From Canada

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  • POSTED ON: December 2, 2019

A seventeen-year-old boy was admitted in a hospital in Canada and was diagnosed with the popcorn lung disease. The boy works at a local fast-food chain and admitted that even though he did not use alcohol or cigarettes, he vaped daily for the past five

Source: Global News

The condition has left the doctors confused because previously, none of the cases of vaping had been linked with the popcorn lung disease, and this has prompted an emergency for the teenagers who vape.

Vaping is a growing issue among teenagers worldwide, and cases of lung diseases have been noticed due to the toxins present in the flavours, some of which are cancerous. Addiction to nicotine at a young age can lead to stunted brain growth and involve long-term health risks. 

In the United States, vaping has been known to cause bronchitis, an infection that causes inflammation in the lungs. But the reports received by the staff after the boy was admitted to the hospital turned out to be negative. He was reported to have symptoms like persistent coughing, shortness of breath and a high fever. Tereza Martinu, a lung transplant respirologist labelled it a “wild story”, saying that the case was unique and before this, the popcorn lung disease had no relation to vaping. 

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The boy, whose identity has not been revealed, was almost considered for a lung transplant at a hospital in London, Ontario but his condition improved with life support and artificial mode of breathing.

Even though he was discharged after 47 days, his condition could still worsen any second as the airways are still blocked and he can only manage little exercise. Martinu, who co-authorized the case of the teenage boy, admitted that she thought “he would not be able to make it”.

He tested positive for bronchiolitis obliterans that is the medical term for the popcorn lung disease. The condition acquires its name from the former workers of a microwave popcorn industry who were affected with the disease after inhaling the fumes from butter-flavoured agents.

The chemical, acetyl that causes the disease, is present in e-cigarettes, and this is why organizations have called for removing all the toxic materials from e-cigarettes. They have also emphasized on the regulations and policies regarding the cigarettes due to the growing popularity of its use among the youth.

Updated December 2, 2019
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