Ready To Blow Your Mind Away With These 10 Space Facts?

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  • POSTED ON: July 24, 2020

When you look up to the sky, what is the first thing that pops into your mind? Are we all alone? Are aliens really up there?

Space is pretty vast! It would take centuries to explore space, and we’d still be far from unveiling half of it. There’s a whole mysterious world up there which is yet to be explored.

Well, some of the space mysteries we’ve so far uncovered are absolutely mind-boggling! We have collected some these space facts so that when you look up to the stars, you’ll be a lot more amazed than ever.

1. A Supermassive Blackhole Is At The Heart Of Every Galaxy

Image Source – Google | Image by phys

Active galaxies often stimulate 100 times more light than a normal galaxy. Space discovery in 1963 found that the light doesn’t come from stars but from a central region which is smaller than the Solar System.

In the 1990s, NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope found that every galaxy has a black hole, including our Milky.

2. Neutron Stars Spin 600 Rotations/Second

Image Source – Google | Image by Mashable

The popular neutron stars originate in a supernova star explosion. They rotate extremely fast thanks to their physics. They can spin around 600 times in just one second shortly after being originated. Sometimes their spin rate can upsurge over 600 times/second under rare situations.

3. Space Is Extremely Quiet

Image Source – Google | Image by Mashable

It’s a common physics phenomenon that sound waves travel through a medium from one place to another. Since space is a vacuum, most of the area between stars will remain quiet.

Imagine, if space would have a medium and we could listen to the outer space. It would be a whole different experience!

4. Universe Is Utterly Invisible
There’s more to space than meets the eye!

Image Source – Google | Image by Esa

Everything that astronauts and science have been researching about space over these past centuries is just a minor part of the universe. Only 4.9% of the mass-energy of the universe is made up of atoms (a kind of material you, me and the whole universe is made up of and has been discovered with the telescope).

Almost 26.8% of cosmic mass-energy is invisible dark matter, only discovered because it drags with its gravity on the visible things.

With dark -matter, there’s also dark energy in the space that accounts for 68.3% of the mass-energy of the Universe. So, in total, about 95% of the universe is utterly invisible!

5. It Rains Diamonds On Jupiter And Saturn

Image Source – Google | Image by nypost

Somebody, please take me there!
It can rain diamond’s Hailstones when severe lightning storms transform methane into carbon (soot) that hardens on fall into graphite chunks and eventually into diamonds according to BBC. The largest diamond hailstone can be of one centimeter diameter.

6. All Planets In Our Solar System Can Adjust Between Earth And The Moon

Image Source – Google | Image by thoughtco

Yes, there would be about 4, 9000 miles of space still left!

7. Robots Are The Only Inhabitants At Mars

Image Source – Google | Image by smithsonianmag

There are currently six spacecraft present on the red planet, and few others are launching this year. What if they have built a colony there? It’s time to build your own Lego City Space Mars Research Shuttle to send it to Mars to claim your space. Hurry up!

8. Milky Way Has More Stars Than The Trees On Earth

Image Source – Google | Image by Mashable

To be exact, there are approximately three TRILLION trees on our Mother Planet. And you know how many stars does our galaxy have? It’s roughly about 100-400 BILLION stars!!

9. Apollo Astronauts Probably Have Their Boot Prints Maintained On The Moon

Image Source – Google | Image by Mashable

Apparently, there’s no wind on the Moon when there’s no wind; it means there cannot be any soil erosion. This means that Neil Armstrong still has his boot prints printed on the surface of the Moon. This fact is as amazing as this 3D moonlight lamp! Flat earthers or fake moon landing conspiracy may disagree here!

10. There’s also a Planet That Is Entirely Built of Diamonds!

Image Source – Google | Image by Pinterest

Speaking of diamonds, there’s a diamond planet almost twice the size of Earth called “Super-Earth.” Also known as 55 Cancri e, is entirely covered in graphite and diamond, making our water and soil planet a real bust!

So, which fact has really blown up your mind? Tell us in the comment box!

If you’re still eager to learn more about space mysteries, then check out a documentary called “A New Space: Europa” to satisfy that curiosity! It’s exclusively available on Amazon Prime.

Updated July 24, 2020
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