This Black Friday Can Help You Contribute In Saving the Planet

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  • POSTED ON: December 3, 2019

It has been established that climate change, indeed, is very real. However, if you are still on the fence about it, then you must educate yourself on some facts.

When you think about saving the planet, the first thing that comes into your mind is growing out your hair, becoming a hipster, and living on zero waste.

However, you do not need to change your entire life and routine to help the planet become better. Making small but insignificant changes in your daily routine can play a huge part in increasing the life expectancy of our planet.

If you are still confused about how you should start, then the least you can do is track your water usage. Water is a natural resource that is running out fairly quickly. In fact, around 844 million people all over the world do not have access to clean water. This number is almost twice the population of the United States.

In addition to this, the longest drought in California ended this year! So, the developing countries are not the only ones at risk. If the wastage of water continues, then chance are you might also have to struggle with the water crisis shortly. Keeping this in mind, you must reduce your water usage, which will also help in lowering your water bill.

To do this effectively, a device called Flume Smart Home Water Monitor has been put on sale to help them curb their water usage.

The Flume Smart Home Water Monitor provides solutions to save water at home. It comprises a sensor that is attached to the water meter, which collects data about the water usage, and sends it to the Flume Bridge, in real-time! Wonder how this works? Let’s find out.

As the water flows through the water meter, a magnetic disc placed within the meter starts spinning. This provides information on the water flow rate. The Flume sensor, then, investigates the magnetic field and passes on the information to the user using Flume Bridge, a device that resembles Amazon’s Alexa, and is linked to the house’s Wi-Fi connection. Hence, it sends the collected information to the Flume Cloud, which gives a 99.9% accurate report at all times.

This information is also made accessible to you via the Flume App. You can download this on any iOS and Android device to keep track of your water usage. The Flume Smart Home Water Monitor can also be linked with Amazon’s Alexa and is compatible with 98% of all water meters.

Additionally, the application also provides you with notifications if your plumbing system suffers a leak. This can allow you to get the issue fixed before it turns into a much bigger problem. Additionally, in the unfortunate case that you forget to set the timer when watering the plants, the Flume application can send you an instant reminder on your phone!

The Flume Smart Water System was built by Eric Adler, James Fazio, and Jeff Hufford in the California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly). The inspiration for the project came from the anxiety and stress that stimulated the longest drought faced by California.

Creating Flume required a lot of research and tests. The greatest problems faced by the team was in figuring out ways in which the radio frequency signal could be sent from the sensor to the home for bridging with the Wi-Fi, as well as the application.

The Flume Smart Water System comes with multiple accessories. It includes:

• A Water Sensor

• A Wi-Fi Bridge

• Bridge Power Cord

• Meter Lid Opener

• Gloves

• Spare strap sensor

Up till now, Flume has gained immense popularity among its users. Most users claim that the application is easy to set up and takes around 10 minutes for installation. The application also comes with a quick and easily accessible customer support service to answer any concerns and queries.

The Flume Smart Water System is for $199. However, on Black Friday, the prices have been reduced to just $169. So, purchase this device right now and take one step towards the betterment planet Earth.

Updated December 3, 2019
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