Typo Leads To A Giant 212-Story Obelisk In Microsoft Flight Simulator

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: August 22, 2020

this week, Microsoft Flight Simulator players found a giant mountain-high
obelisk in Australia. No one is arguing that the Flight Simulator hasn’t done fair
for itself but let’s face it, it’s not so unnaturally huge ion structure in
real life. Players caught the secret – it actually exists due to an innocent typo!

image credit: Global News

Wright is a university student who created the edit for OpenStreetMap data
which was a critical part of his degree. However, he made a type and typed 212
in the data section instead of 2 for floors. His work has earned fame on the
internet – especially within the Microsoft Flight Simulator community.

He says that it is indeed funny as he used the OpenStreetMap for the first time. He was using it for his university task and was needed to include data for the class. He said he never thought that he would be seeing it again.

data typo has since been corrected by another OpenStreetMap user, there’s no
point any more as history books already have the information.

said that he found it extremely funny that it became part of the game and he was tracked down like almost: “I find it really funny that it made it into the game and that I was
tracked down so quickly.”

isn’t the first time someone has made a glitch in Microsoft Flight Simulator.
Previously the Buckingham Palace was turned into an office block and the palm
trees had turned into teeth-like structures.

course, when Bing absorbs the current OpenStreetMap data from Australia the
mountain-high obelisk will disappear. It’s also possible that Microsoft
manually removes it. You can watch the video tutorial on YouTube before
visiting the glitch.


Updated August 22, 2020
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