WHO Declares that the New Coronavirus Is A Pandemic

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  • POSTED ON: March 16, 2020

Coronavirus has been declared as the first pandemic since H1N1.

Source: Business Insider

According to the World Health Organization, more than 100K cases of coronavirus have been identified in the world today. The virus has spread to 150+ countries, having thousands of deaths confirmed.

Ever since the outbreak, WHO has been closely monitoring the situation and has classified it as their first priority. They have alerted the healthcare sectors and declared the virus to be severe and lethal.

Although WHO had declared coronavirus to be a global concern by 30th January, they were apprehensive about labeling it a pandemic as they didn’t want to create unnecessary panic. Back in January, the number of identified cases was less; hence, the situation was considered to be under control. Thus, WHO negotiated not to use the word pandemic as it would only incite fear.

At the end of February, Adhanom clarified that “Using the word pandemic now does not fit the facts, but it may certainly cause fear. What we see are epidemics in different parts of the world, affecting different countries in different ways.”

If you look at the dictionary, you’d see that a Pandemic is actually the worldwide spread of a new disease. Additionally, there’s no specific criteria or a threshold of deaths that would trigger the definition of this word.

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Currently, China and Italy have the highest number of victims of coronavirus. These countries are followed by Iran and South Korea. The important thing to notice is that governments don’t know how to deal with this outbreak. Countries like Italy and China have observed a complete shutdown. Whereas, Iran is itself in a state of shock and panic.

It’s actually being suggested that the virus is spreading like wildfire because of Iran. The country is failing to address the issue effectively and not taking necessary precautions. On the other hand, North Korea is taking an extreme stance by shooting down the ones infected.

Economies have experienced a major blow due to coronavirus. In addition to this, schools have closed for a month, and businesses have shut down completely.

It’s really unfortunate how our dear celebrities are also getting diagnosed with coronavirus. By now, you must have found out how Cristiano Ronaldo has been in quarantine, but no, he hasn’t shown any symptoms. This measure was only taken as a precaution since his roommate was diagnosed with coronavirus. In addition to this, the entire team of Real Madrid is currently in quarantine.

Source: StoryPick

You must also know about Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson. Our favorite couple is also diagnosed with coronavirus. They were in Australia when they discovered this saddening news.

Apart from this, we have the president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, who was also tested positive for coronavirus. And if the latest news is to be believed, Justin Trudeau’s wife has also been diagnosed.

What else are we waiting for to find a cure for this pandemic!

Updated March 16, 2020
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