10 Cool Products To Show Support For USPS

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  • POSTED ON: August 17, 2020

The U.S. Postal Service is struggling to combat the challenges assimilated during the Covid-19 pandemic. In a selfish display of adding salt to their injury, the Trump administration trimmed down their budget to restrict mail-in ballots. 

In these difficult times, the only thing that keeps them going is our immense support!

Being a dependable and responsible citizen, we must support the USPS during their hard times. While going out for demonstration and holding a protest with masses could be a considerable health risk, you can show a lil bit of support for the agency by purchasing these stuff online.

The USPS retail sites have a range of stuff such as stamps, envelopes and cards, collector’s items, and several other business supplies which can be bought to fund the USPS.

They also have a gift area, displaying 133 pieces of USPS merchandise to represent and show your support. Here is the list of 10 of our chosen items from USPS online store for sale.

1. Cute USPS Uniforms

image credit: Mashable 

There’s no better way to show solidarity with the United States Postal Service other than putting on a mini USPS uniform. The USPS has Halloween costumes for kids, dogs, toddlers, and these are so good that you won’t have to wait for October. The single costume is just for $24.96.

2. USPS Toy Vehicles

image credit: Mashable

Want to give something to your kid for his birthday? Your kid would love to have these U.S. Postal Service vehicles in his toy vehicle collection. Buy them for just $16.99.

3. Interesting Puzzle

image credit: Mashable

Solving puzzles with your kids is the best thing to do in quarantine captivity. When USPS is selling this fantastic 3D T-rex puzzle, you would want to go elsewhere.  

4. A USPS-Themed Carry Bag

image credit: Mashable

Heading to college for in-person classes? This USPS bag can give all the swags you want! You can buy it for $54.95.

5. Delightful USPS Merch

image credit: Mashable

Do you have a hobby of collecting things? USPS has all the stuff to satisfy your collecting urge. Check out these USPS celebrity merch to add them into your collection box. Buy celeb stamps and other related stuff for $35.95.

6. A Magic Trick Box

image credit: Mashable

Wanting to entertain your guests on a Thanksgiving Dinner? The USPS magic trick box has got everything for you! Purchasing this box will not only entertain your guests but also contribute your valuable support to the struggling USPS agency.

7. USPS Knick-Knacks

image credit: Mashable

Decorate your lad’s bedroom with these awesome and cute Christmas ornaments which range in the price range from $15.95 to $16.95. Your kid would definitely want this on his dressing table.

8. Framed Cute Stamps

image credit: Mashable

Give a new look to your living room with these new framed stamps! USPS has some really cool framed stamps, from Bugs Bunny to presidents, dinorans and many more. They have stamps for everyone!

9. A Recyclable Tote Bag

image credit: Mashable

Buying groceries, an activity that everyone hates can now have a cause! Are you heading to Walmart or any other shop for groceries? Make sure to go along with this reusable tote bag to show support to our brothers working at USPS.

10. A Passport Wallet

image credit: Mashable

Your passport may be the most useless thing in 2020. But not anymore! As things start getting normal, you might want to satisfy the urge of travelling. Make sure to have your passport safe and secure in this USPS leather passport wallet. You can purchase it for $16.99.

So, which one do you like the most? Tell us in the comment box.

Updated August 17, 2020
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