10 Unseen and Terrifying Videos That Explains Trump’s Cruelty at the Capitol

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  • POSTED ON: January 7, 2021

2021 just got wild as pro-Trump rioters breached the U.S.
Capitol on Wednesday, in an attempt to halt the peaceful transfer of power to
Joe Biden.

Provoked by President Trump, the violent mob stormed the U.S
Capitol building in Washington as they climbed barriers and forced their way
into the halls of congress, forcing Vice President Mike Pence and other members
to flee for their safety!

This was all done in an attempt to stop the process
that would certify Joe Biden as the next president of the United States.

The whole world is now wondering if it was an attempted coup…

Americans have long feared that the United States is on the
verge of its destruction, not by terrorist attacks or any foreign
interventions, but it would be because of an “Inside Job!”

And now we can truly
say that the American democracy is now under a threatening situation, where a
sitting president is inciting violence against the peaceful transmission of
power to the next President of United States because he believed that the election
was “stolen” from him!

He categorically rejected his defeat in 2021
presidential election and by doing this he is openly displaying a distrust in
esteemed American institutions – this is far worse than what Osama Bin Laden or
Kim Jong-un could have hoped for! 

May be Ivanka rightfully tagged Meatloaf in her post for her dad!

Donald Trump’s cruelty at the Capitol and selfishness went to extremeheights when he showed up at a rally of his supporters outside the White House
and repeated his same-old baseless allegations about “stolen” election and
encouraged attendees to storm the Capitol.

He also assured them that he would
also join them in this march… (He didn’t, though)

Ofcourse, our president is a cry baby!

The images, footages and the videos of the attempted siege
of the U.S Capitol were surreal, raising speculations about the security of
America’s most important building!

Violent rioters were waving flags, chanting
and cursing as they breached security barriers, injuring hundreds in the
process. They gathered onto the Capitol verandas while other rioters were
wandering freely through Statuary Hall and the Rotunda.

Some of them entered
into the legislative chambers all by themselves, while police appears to be
helpless in front of the violent rioters. One person died inside the building;
tear gas flowed through the halls of Capitol and law enforcers didn’t have
any option but to place the entire building on lockdown!

At this time, the U.S. Capitol turned into a battleground!

Check out Miss USA 2020’s connection with Trump!

And all this happened because of a man who simply doesn’t
know how to accept his defeat gracefully!


If you are still not convinced, here are the 25 unseen and
terrifying videos from the U.S. Capitol that explain
Trump was an absolute schmuck yesterday!

Pro-Trump supporters smashed glasses in attempt to break into the U.S Capitol

fatally shot a trump supporter inside the Capitol building

the Capitol building, moments before the members evacuated as rioters stormed
the building

now-deleted Livestream footage of Derrick Evans, a newly-elect lawmaker from
West Virginia who broke into the building alongside rioters…

Some more Capitol videos!

stalling through the halls of U.S. Capitol

police appeared to be completely helpless in front of the violent protestors

offices of the Capitol building

footage of the DC Capitol shooting

footage of the rioters storming inside the U.S Capitol building- this footage
haven’t been broadcasted in any news channels

Four people are dead in the wake of coup attempt at the U.S
Capitol building

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Updated January 7, 2021
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