13 Incredible Ways to Survive Winter Don’t Starve

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  • POSTED ON: November 30, 2020

Winter Solstice!

If you don’t know solstice meaning, it is the date or time when the sun reaches its minimum or maximum declination, marked by the shortest and longest days.

That will soon lead to winter solstice celebration 2020 or you may call it December solstice accompanied by winter solstice rituals and festival.

As you know, winter is
amongst the two seasons that affect the surface that is present in Don’t
Starve, and the other is, of course, summer. It is also considered to be one of
the four seasons in Reign of Giants DLC. Their rest of the seasons include spring
and autumn. Hence, by default, that gives Sandbox Mode Winter 16 days, and the
first day of winter begins on the 21st and it goes on for 36 days.

On the 37th
days, it’s spring, which obviously can be changed if the players choose to
change their preferences. You may also find that the stages in Adventure Mode are
varied due to seasonal changes. Several changes are observed globally during
wintertime, and the worst of all can even make the survival difficult. In
Don’t Starve Together, winter can last up to 15 days, starting from the 21st. That is also a start of 2020 winter solstice as well as winter solstice celebration and solstice tradition.

Naturally, the most
obvious change in winter is that sudden drop in temperature; due to this
reason, several characters of the players even get frozen. This disturbs the
health of the players’ characters as well. Therefore, to prevent the health of
the characters, the maintenance of normal body temperature becomes crucial. How
is it possible? Well, the best way to achieve this is to carry around a heated
thermal stone.

In addition to this,
the players must have the means to make a fire in case an emergency strikes.
Furthermore, by wearing warmer clothes, the time away from warmth and into the
cold can be preserved.

Players should also
concentrate on building a thermal measurer, as it helps in staying alert. It
can tell you the time as well as when and how cold it might get. Grasp some
other basics: dusk and nights are significantly cold when compared to day time,
and they also last longer during winters.

As preparation, wearing
warmer clothes just before the arrival of winters is a good strategy. Below,
some more tricks have been provided for you to survive winter don’t starve.

  1. There’s a Bee Box that is harvested
    during the winter, that too, without any retaliation of bees. Hence, even
    though the honey won’t be available during the season, the one that was
    produced prior to that will be available as it won’t get spoiled until
    harvested. This way, honey serves to be a valuable source of food during the
    critical periods of winter.
  2. Now here’s an interesting one: while
    wearing warm clothes may not increase the temperature of the body, taking them
    off at night while sitting next to the fire saves the durability on the
  3. Torches can be utilized to set fire to flammable
    objects, and this can help in keeping the player warm. However, this doesn’t
    mean that the players can relax. They mustn’t stand too close to the fire, as
    it may harm them accidentally.
  4.  A part of the set-piece is chest, which
    may spawn in the forest biome, right between the thermal measurer and the ice
    box. Thus, the chest contains winter-related items, like ice staff, winter hat,
    and a breezy vest. But, when you open the chest, winter immediately begins.
    This means that the chest can be destroyed with a hammer and trigger the trap.
  5. In the Reign of Giants DLC, one of the
    set-pieces begins with summer. Now these two can be set apart by the presence of
    Cacti in the summer version.
  6.  Another thing that you must remember is
    that the woodie can’t freeze when he is still in his werebeaver form.
  7. Legends would recommend that you make
    the thermal stone before the winters arrive and heat it up before exploring.
    This stone will help the player and prevent them from freezing.
  8. Follow the standardized attire for the
    winters: winter hat with the thermal stone. Keep the logs and grass nearby to
    start the fire whenever needed.
  9. Now if you’re using characters like Wes,
    Warly, or Wolfgang, you must know that they get hungry too quickly. Therefore,
    make sure that you make use of the hibernation vest, as it not only slows down
    the hunger but it also delays the freezing periods.
  10. Again, the best way to increase the survival
    rate is to take preparatory steps beforehand. Like, make sure that you have
    food and equipment as they’re essential during winters. You’ll find unique food
    sources like Koalefant and Deerclops that easily become accessible during
    winters. Since harvesting winter-only food can be challenging at this time,
    it’s recommended that you start storing food beforehand.
  11. Since warm clothing is absolutely
    essential during winter, you must look into the Beefalo hat. It’s most likely
    the warmest piece of clothing that you’ll find to protect your head from the
    breezy wind. Follow the 3 tier clothing style, as it promises the best
    protection against freezing. If you’re playing as Wilson, you should also
    consider keeping his beard warm. Also, keep the puffy vest on as it prevents
    you from getting cold.
  12. Another trick to make the most of these
    winters is to manage your time effectively. The basic strategy should involve
    the gathering of nearby resources in the day and cut evergreen, and cook food
    or use a straw roll at night. Obviously, it’s not necessary for you to follow
    the same regime every day. However, just keep in mind that you have a limited
    supply of food, weaponry, and armor.
  13. Always make sure that you give attention
    to the sanity of the player. Winters tend to have adverse effects on their
    sanity, and since it becomes low due to the short length of the days, it
    becomes increasingly essential to pay attention to it. Therefore, help the
    players by picking flowers, killing shadow creatures, and eating a unique crockpot recipe!

 We certainly hope that the aforementioned 13 ways to survive winters will help you succeed in your mission with ease!


Updated November 30, 2020
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