14 Creative Ways to Surprise Her on Thanksgiving 2020!

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  • POSTED ON: November 12, 2020

Thanksgiving is one of
the most epic family holidays in America. It’s one of those days when all
generations gather around a dining table and create new memories over a
deliciously roasted turkey and a side of mashed potatoes that are cooked using
the age-old recipe created by their grandma decades ago.

And of course, we can’t
forget the laughter, stories, and cold whiskey while we look for creative Thanksgiving ideas, Thanksgiving food list, Thanksgiving dinner menu, Top 10 Thanksgiving foods, Thanksgiving dessert ideas, Thanksgiving essentials, Popular Thanksgiving dishes Easy Thanksgiving menu ideas, non traditional Thanksgiving dinner ideas, Thanksgiving dinner recipes and what more!!!

Of course, when so many
minds and personalities sit together – old wounds are also scratched, drunk
fights happen, and unnecessary arguments take place due to differences in political
ideologies and sometimes even college majors.

This year, Thanksgiving is going to be different. Due to the pandemic, the arrangement will be small
and many people would prefer skipping the traditional family gatherings
altogether. However, that doesn’t mean it will be a sad dinner – why not
embrace the new normal and start a new tradition, at least for this year?

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We can all be
responsible and surprise our loved ones without breaking the SOPs developed by
the government. Below, we’ve recommended a few ways men can make this day special
for the women in their life, be they their mothers, daughters, wives,
girlfriends, sisters, and even best friends!

Continue reading as
we’ve compiled a list of 14 creative ways and Thanksgiving ideas that can make this Thanksgiving a memory
to last despite the challenges posed by the pandemic while you surprise your loved one with a surprise gift!

Virtual Thanksgiving

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2020 should be renamed
and called The Year of the Zoom Gatherings. Follow the tradition that you
followed the rest of the year and celebrate Thanksgiving with all family
members on Zoom. This method is safe and doesn’t exclude the elderly from
joining in on the fun!

You can use other video
conferencing apps also, just make sure that you all decide the time and have a
webcam set up at the dinner table. It may seem odd in the first few minutes but
soon you’ll all blend in.

Low-Key Travel

image credit: Diane Gottsman

Is your wife missing
her family a lot? Well, you can plan a short and quick trip for her to meet her
parents if you guys live in the same city! And if that’s not the case, skip
the hours wasted at the airport (because things are intense there due to the
second wave) and take her away for a quick getaway! This is the only way you
can make lemonade out of all the lemons Covid is throwing at you.

Thanksgiving Care Packages

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At the end of the day,
Thanksgiving is all about gratitude. And we believe that there’s no better way
to showcase gratitude than to send a nice Thanksgiving care package to your
family living far away.

The box can be filled
with Thanksgiving-themed napkins, spices, and even a family photograph from
last year! Just think of all the things that genuinely matter to the family
you’re sending it to because they should feel excited after receiving the
thoughtful package. And if you’re spending thanksgiving away from your wife,
make sure you add a little extra love to the package.

Movie Binge

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What’s better than a movie
night with your favorite person! Thanksgiving is a reason for you to take a
break from all things that are bugging you in life. Find a minute to breathe,
arrange a movie night with your partner, and make sure you add some wine and
desserts to add more to the sweetness!

Write About It

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This is a sad year, so
why don’t you write about your favorite thanksgiving memories and send it to
your loved ones! Find a nice aptly-themed letter and write your heart out. Show
that you care and that even distance can’t take that away from you.


image credit: Real Change

Thanksgiving is
naturally, the time to spend with family and friends. However, this occasion is
also to remember how thankful we are to our community. Many people are alone on
this day, and to make them all feel included is the way to go about things.


image credit: 5Kevents

You know she loves that
5K Turkey Trot as much as you do! So prepare for an unofficial 5K – you can
even be creative and make it a virtual event and include her side of the

Try a New Thanksgiving Menu

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This year is different
– and if you’re doing most of the things virtually, why not try a new menu as
well? Come on! Skip the pumpkin pie recipe by grandma (she won’t know, she’s
not coming!) and do a pumpkin cheesecake instead! Be adventurous without
hurting anybody’s feelings.

Create Online Fun

image credit: Etsy

Just because you guys
are not able to enjoy a large gathering, doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun
virtual game party! You can hang out with your favorite cousins and connect on
Xbox Live. From Pictionary to Minecraft, there are so many online ways to have
fun with your loved ones.

Go Camping

image credit: Fresh off the grid

Okay, hear us out – she
may not be a fan of this idea… now. So do something out of the ordinary. We’re
all desperate for some time in the woods. It’s time to give her a memorable
experience to remember 2020 which was dark and twisted for the most part. 

Watch the Game

image credit: The Comeback

Is she a fan of
football? Well, of course, she is! Arrange a big virtual football viewing party
for her and the rest of the family. You can even find games online to play
football virtually with your family – make sure you let her win, though.

Game Night

image credit: PBS

Make sure that the four-day weekend is full of excitement – leave no room for dullness!   Get as many board games to your place and
spend every minute playing them with her. There are puzzles, Pictionary, Monopoly,
and more!

Plan for the Future

image credit: TheKnot

Well, you may also
spend less this year and save up for a great Christmas delight! Families can
have a decent dinner virtually and keep it light and easy. This way, you’ll
also be following the SOPs!

Skip the Bird

image credit: coast monthly

Listen, if she’s not
feeling it, don’t force her to go all traditional and cook a big-old turkey.
Try seafood or any other simpler dish for Thanksgiving – it’s all about
creating wonderful memories, after all, not fights and arguments.

Whatever you do, just
make sure it’s all according to her wishes because your person deserves a
thoughtful holiday after such a stressful year!


Updated November 12, 2020
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