20 Incredible Gestures for Your Family on World’s Kindness Day

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  • POSTED ON: November 10, 2020

In 2015, a
nine-year-old was diagnosed with alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma – a rare form of
tissue cancer because of which she was forced to miss school. The treatment was
grueling and took a toll on her mental and emotional health as well. Due to the
side-effects of chemotherapy, she had to shave her head, and when the time came
to return to school, she was filled with anxiety and embarrassment.

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Realizing how it made
her feel, Cameron McLaughlin, her friend, decided to shave her head to show
solidarity. The next day, 80 students and some teachers, following suit and
organized an event called “Be Bold, Be Brave, Go Bald”.

This event raised
$25,000 and donated to a charity devoted to research for cancer. This small
gesture of kindness ended up created a circle of goodness and gave someone
strength to fight this difficult battle. What would have happened if Cameron
had not taken this small step to shave her head?

Most of us are so
consumed by our daily lives that we fail to acknowledge the bigger agonies of
life that people around us are going through. We feel terrible when our new
dress gets ruined and we forget to be polite and smile back to the stranger
driving past us. But how do we know what that stranger was going through at the
time? Can our innocent gesture of kindness make their life any easier, even

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Random acts of kindness
are great! These world kindness day activities have the power to change the mood of people throughout the day.
And who do you think needs them the most? Your family and friends!

We are often the cruelest
to the people who love and care about us the most.  We fail to realize the importance of tiny
gestures because of which people start holding grudges and keeping malice in
their hearts. So, this kindness day, let’s pledge to take the initiative to
bring a smile to our family’s faces by doing random acts of kindness!

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Below are some
suggestions to help you get started on this beautiful journey of harmony and

  1. Create a special day to celebrate
    someone you love. For example, you can create a day dedicated to your wife or
    daughter and call it “Selena Appreciation Day” (change in their name, of
    course). The idea is to take out time to declare your love for someone and tell
    them how grateful you are about their presence in your life.
  2. Take a box and put in 50 to 100 paper
    hearts or paper smiles in it. Then you should write something special about
    your family member, it can also be a friend, on the cutout. This could simply
    be a message for them to read every time they feel low and sad.
  3. Pay attention and find ways to give
    compliments. It literally costs nothing and no time whatsoever to give a
    genuine and heartfelt compliment to your loved one. Don’t overthink and tell
    them how you feel about them.
  4. Procure 30 free “You Matter” cards and
    share them with people who actually make a difference in your life. You can
    start your day by handing these cards to your family members. If you’ve had a
    heartfelt moment with someone and you want to pay back that moment of kindness,
    use this card to let them know.
  5. Check in on your friends and distant
    family members on mothers and fathers day – if they’ve lost their parents.
  6. Make a gift basket for your wife or
    children. You can obviously do this during the holiday season, like Easter, but it
    will be even more special if you do it on an ordinary day.
  7. If you know someone who is going through
    a rough time – like family or health issue or anything else – give them a call
    or take them out for a good time. Make effort and ask if they’d like you to
    pick them up.
  8. This has been a terrible year and many
    people have lost their loved ones. Do you know what a good way to be kind to
    grieve people is? Stories! Tell them stories about the deceased and share
    with the world how good of a human being they were. They will latch onto these
    stories and appreciate your effort.
  9. Donate to a non-profit organization that
    supports your personally endorsed causes. The amount doesn’t matter, it’s the
    heart. You never know how much of goodness that little money could create in
    the world. You can pick any social organization.
  10. Give your wife or husband a massage
    after they’ve had a hard day at work. You never know how stressed and drained
    they feel – this little act of kindness or appreciation can make their life easy.
  11. Are you good at sketching? Even if
    you’re not, sketch anything personal and put it in your spouse or kid’s lunch
    box. And now imagine the big smile on their face when they’ll open it?
  12. Summers can be tough – hand out cold
    beverages to your mail carrier and garbage men. Winters can be challenging to
    cope with as well. Please, make effort and give hot chocolates to guards and
    police officers crossing roads.
  13. Flowers are beautiful and they light up
    your mood. Take some to a nearby nursing station for the employees. They
    deserve it!
  14. Tell the truth – sometimes, an honest
    truth can change lives and make someone feel better. It may be hard for you but
    life-changing for others.
  15. Say thank you to anyone and everyone.
    Send out a gift card to show your gratitude! And you don’t even need to know
    them personally – police officers, nurses, doctors, teachers, firefighters –
    anyone doing a social service deserves a thank you note!
  16. Write a letter to let people know that
    you care for them. Let them know what they mean to you – people like hearing it
    once in a while.
  17. Send a picture to someone to remind them
    that it reminded you of them.
  18. Pet a stray animal – even animals
    deserve kindness. 
  19. Whenever you come across people
    gossiping about someone, be the person who has something pleasant to add.
  20. And here’s the most important one for the World’s Kindness Day 2020 – give
    them the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes, it’s all that they want and deserve. 

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Updated November 10, 2020
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