2020 Movie Characters You Can Recreate This Halloween

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  • POSTED ON: October 17, 2020

costumes are so good, they will definitely give you the exact creeps!

2020 hasn’t been that good for cinema, as many
movies have been delayed or canceled because of the pandemic. But since we have
Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+, we still have a lot of the latest looks to
recreate this Halloween.

Sure, you could be a scary nun or dress up like a
skeleton. You could also be a zombie walking down the street. Or, if you want
to get into some pop culture, you could wear makeup like Pennywise the Dancing
Clown, or break out an ice cream scoop and embody Robin or Steve from Stranger

But you know what, these costumes are so
mainstream! Seriously, you will find at least 10 Pennywises in a single party!

Don’t worry! We’ve got a list of 2020 characters which
you can recreate this Halloween. So, take out that paintbrush, or some makeup,
and let’s get into it!

from The Old Guard

Source: looper

People who have a hairstyle like this can
definitely pull this character well!


Source: IMBD

With a red cape and a sword, you can be a fairly
good Mulan!

Black Widow

Source: CinemaBlend

Yes, Black Widow was scheduled to release this
year but thanks to COVID-19, it has been pushed back to 2021. But what if we
can’t see Scarlett this year, you can definitely be the Black Widow we all need
in 2020!

Wonder Woman

Source: TechRadar

Wonder Woman is another movie that has been delayed
because of the pandemic, but you can still pull off this character if you want.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Source: Pinterest

I mean, why not!

Guy from
Free Guy

Source: Variety

Ryan Reynolds’ latest movie, Free Guy is scheduled
for a theatrical release on 9th December 2020. You can still debut
this character earlier to take everyone by surprise!

The whole
friends gang from Scoob!

Source: Disney Gals

You can have plenty of Halloween costume ideas
from the movie Scoob!

Leilani and Jibran
from The Lovebirds

Grab some leggings, a light purple tie and a
unicorn headband, and just go barefoot and you’re all good to go!

Jean from To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Source: Teen Vogue

Whether you’re team Peter Kevinsky or you’re more
towards John Ambrose, customize your Lara Jean’s look for All the Boys I’ve Loved before to show which guy you’re actually
rooting for!

Harley Quinn
in Birds for Prey

Source: NYTimes

Harley Quinn has got her own stand-alone movie,
and she looks fantastic! This look includes a fancy jacket, a pink crop top
orange suspenders, clear boots and denim cut-offs, exactly the things you need
to give off Harley Quinn’s vibes.


Updated October 17, 2020
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