5 Reasons Biden’s Odds of Victory Look Better Than Ever

  • POSTED ON: 08/Sep/2020

Although there are only a couple of weeks left until Election Day, there’s still margin for at least a few unprecedented events. Even though the wave of pessimism has taken over slightly, chances of Joe Biden taking over the Oval Office next year remain solid.

Below are five reasons affirming why America will not select a psychopath as its next president:

Source: New York Magazine

Biden is leading the national polls!

As you know, the Republican National Convention was a chance for Trump to regain his power and optimize from the four nights of free airtime on the network.  Unfortunately, he failed to leave a mark and improve his status at the polling.

In August, when the Democrats kicked off the convention series, Biden was already leading by 7.7 points and now the figure is down to 7.2, suggesting that Trump did improve. However, this is a small gap that he managed to fill and he still needs to make a gigantic leap to even make it a 50/50 game.

Post-Kenosha polling unveils rising crime, which isn’t actually a win for Trump:

A police officer shot an unarmed Black man seven times on August 23rd, after which a number of nonviolent protests ensued. A couple of days later, a 17-year-old Trump fan traveled from Illinois with an AR-15 rifle (no idea how it came to his possession) to keep “law and order.” Anyway, the kid ended up murdering two innocent people – and Trump, of course, defended his actions.

After this unfortunate event, the Democrats began to feel insecure as flashbacks from 2016 elections came to revive. Honestly, any major event can change the fate of America at this point and, historically speaking, the Republicans use public safety to manipulate and gain sympathy votes from the already afraid Americans.

This fear is overhyped with the results of a survey conducted after the Kenosha incident. The popular consensus stated that “if Joe Biden is elected, things will be as bad as they are now”. However, one must not get carried away and think of this as a reason for concern.  

Another poll revealed that 47 to 39 percent people believe that Biden can do better on the issue of public safety as compared to Trump.

Trump can’t make petty statements against Biden anymore:

Like Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden is a familiar face. And what gives him an edge over her is the fact that he’s not been villainized by the right-wing media throughout his political journey. This means Trump can’t make personal jabs at him. And really, even if Trump tries, who would believe him? 

Biden has outspent Trump on terms of television ads:

In the last election, Trump and Clinton collectively raised $233 million to run their respective campaigns. Joe Biden surpassed both of their collections in August by managing to raise $300 million on his own! In fact, Biden’s funding is historic as it breaks the record set by Barack Obama!

He’s using ads to convince people to buy his plans to end the pandemic and prosecute looters. This surely has Trump riled up and confused.

The economy will get worse in the coming days:

There’s no stop to the increasing number of COVID-19 cases for now. In addition, winters are just around the corner – a major threat to outdoor dining. These are all contributing factors to the already damaged businesses prospects so it’s obvious that the economy is experiencing yet another hit. Mass unemployment and bankruptcies are lurking in the shadows, and if Trump continues to cap the “keep America great” campaign, he’d be no less than a joke.


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