A New Statue Placed in Tulsa Resembles Elon Musk

  • POSTED ON: May 23, 2020

As if Elon Musk doesn’t already get too much attention from the social media users, on Wednesday the Tesla Owners Club of Oklahoma and Tulsa Mayor GT Bynum presented a 75-inch-foot-tall statue that eerily resembles Elon Musk.

Tulsa’s landmark Golden Driller Statue was modified a little and the new monument called “Golden Elon” was revealed by the state. We believe that this was done to encourage the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk to invest into the city and open an electric car manufacturing office there.

“Tulsa is a city that doesn’t stifle entrepreneurs — we revere them!” Bynum boasted on Twitter. “Golden Elon Musk is now the 6th-tallest statue in the United States.”

Source: Twitter

“While I cannot comment on potential projects, it is clear that Tesla and Tulsa were forged in the same spirit,” Bynum said in a statement last week. “Both founded by pioneers who dreamt big and made it happen. Both trying to change the world with a new kind of energy. Both investing big in what matters most: people.”

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt said something similar about the statue. He wrote, “To Elon Musk and Tesla, the people of Oklahoma love our trucks, we love our rockets, and we would love to partner with you here in our great state. As a Tulsan myself, I can tell you that confusing the names Tulsa and Tesla has happened more than once, so it would only be appropriate to have a Tesla factory right here.”

Kurt Stenstrom, the brand strategist behind Golden Elon said that the statue’s face has been covered with plastic and it might be changed in the future, depending on the conditions.

Updated May 23, 2020
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