A Person in California Ends Up Exposing 180 People in Church

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  • POSTED ON: May 18, 2020

Governments all around the world are trying to ease lockdowns despite strict warnings from the medical authorities. The phase which started as social lockdown is now being switched to smart lockdown which means that apart from essential work, other small businesses have also been given the permit to operate if they maintain social distancing.

However, the consequences of this decision are already surfacing as the death toll in the United States and the United Kingdom has reached its highest.

CNN reported that a person who was later found to be a COVID-19 positive attended a Mother’s Day service at a church in California. The ceremony took place with 180 other people which means that they were all exposed to the virus and are now observing quarantine inside their houses.

Source: Kron4

Officials are employing methods to test all the people who were present in the church at that time. “At this time, organizations that hold in-person services or gatherings are putting the health and safety of their congregations, the general public and our local ability to open up at great risk,” Butte County Public Health Director Danette York said.

Even though Governor Newsom lifted some restrictions from the stay-at-home order, religious services were still banned when the Mother’s day service took place. This violation of orders is causing serious damage to the people around us. The identity of the church remains anonymous but County Public Health was quite unhappy about the way religious organizations are disregarding the protocol of social distancing.

“Moving too quickly through the reopening process can cause a major setback and could require us to revert back to more restrictive measures. We implore everyone to follow the State order and our reopening plan to help combat the potential spread of COVID-19,” said the County Public Health Department. 

As of now, California has reported more than 78,800 confirmed cases with 3200 fatalities caused by the virus.

Updated May 18, 2020
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