Albania Jolted With Deadly Quakes: Citizens Sought Refuge in Cars Parked on Roadside

  • AUTHOR: anam
  • POSTED ON: December 6, 2019

Albania was struck with a deadly earthquake this Tuesday and citizens, in fear of the aftershocks, have been sleeping outside in their cars.

Numerous vehicles have lined up on the roads near Tiara with correspondence to the warnings issued by relevant authorities- stay outdoors until engineers inspect all buildings.

In two days, Albania has experienced at least five tremors, including one with the recorded magnitude of 6.4. This earthquake is said to have killed more than 40 people.

The calamity experienced on Tuesday has left thousands of people homeless. Although the concerned authorities have promised to provide shelter, many Albanians are spending their nights in their cars, or tents on the roadside.

Another aftershock hit Durres on Thursday, 28th November 2019, which was supposed to be the National “Flag Day,” marking the anniversary of the declaration of Independence 1912. Instead of celebrating, the survivors are battling their way out with a constant fear of experiencing further aftershocks.

On Thursday, rescue workers flagged a collapsed hotel with the country’s National Flag in Durres as the death rate increased to 41.

The bodies were recovered from the debris with the help of sniffer dogs. However, the hopes of finding survivors underneath have completely faded.

Considering the significant number of causalities, the Albanian Government has declared a state of emergency for 30 days in the coastal city of Durres and the nearby town of Thumane. The government has also promised to build new houses for the earthquake victims by the end of next year.
Hashim Thaçi, Kosovo President, experienced an earthquake while talking to media officials about the incident.

It is estimated that almost 2,100 survivors are spending their nights in tents despite the attempts made by the officials to accommodate Albanians.

Albania has not witnessed any destructive earthquake from 1979 to date, which is the main reason why the government was not prepared for such a catastrophe.

The rescue teams from the neighboring and European countries have entered Albania with specialized equipment, emergency supplies, and sniffer dogs to assist in search operations.

A GoFundMe page created by the Albanian Red Cross has raised $4,000 as of Thursday night. The organization claims to help people living in tents at a stadium in Durres. 

Updated December 6, 2019
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