Amazon storefront that allegedly sold fake N95 masks is getting sued

  • POSTED ON: June 10, 2020

The 3M corporation has
targeted a third-party Amazon seller called KMJ Trading Inc, because it
apparently sold $350,000 worth of N95 respirator masks for $23 each!

Ever since the pandemic
began, Amazon reduced the prices of facemask so that people could purchase this
essential garment. Amazon had already warned the sellers against gouging in
February which resulted in restriction on face mask and hand sanitizer supply
from the back end. If reports are to believed, KMJ spiked the prices before the
lockdown.  It was, in fact, making
multiple sales in three different locations and stores. The law suit resulted
after numerous customers filed a complaint against the company. They said that
some of the masks were defective and carried wrongfully disguised labels.

think these are fake N95 Mask, and seller price gouged me 20 times the retail
price. Ten-pack of fake N95 mask for $150 is just crooked during this
– said one customer.

When the news reached
Amazon, it applauded the action and clarified its stance during the pandemic.
It also bragged about how the company lowered the cost and made fact masks more
feasible for the customers.


Source: Top Class Actions

“We’re proud to be working with 3M to hold
these bad actors accountable. When we find a bad actor violating our policies,
we work quickly to remove the products and take action on the bad actor, as
we’ve done here, and we welcome collaboration from brands like 3M.”
– said Dharmesh Mehta, Amazon’s VP in charge of customer
trust and partner support.

3M has
appealed and demanded $2 million as a cost to repair damages.

“By selling and delivering to customers
counterfeit, damaged, deficient, or otherwise altered respirators and engaging
in price-gouging, Defendants caused irreparable damage to 3M’s reputation.
There is no adequate remedy at law for these injuries.”
– One of the complaints said. 

Updated June 10, 2020
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