Americans Hit Bars Refusing Social Distancing

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  • POSTED ON: March 16, 2020

Americans are dumb. Period.

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Top infectious disease researchers, including immunologist Mark Cameron who helped put SARS to rest, have urged Americans to maintain social distancing. However, despite their insinuation, Americans have made every attempt to disobey the rules.

What’s worse is that Americans are not only disregarding the urgent advisory of experts, but they’re ridiculing it and bragging about their lack of sensitivity. Social distance is a precautionary measure pertained to reduce the woeful implications of the contagious coronavirus as this infection is spreading among the population at the speed of light.

Up until now, it has impacted 114 countries, with 5,700 people dead. Additionally, 152,000 people have been clinically diagnosed with COVID-19, and mind you, these are only the reported cases. It is believed that the actual number is much bigger than what is being conveyed.

Keeping the fact in mind that the resulting respiratory disease is ten times more lethal than the regular flu, people must practice social distancing. The adult population is more vulnerable and can fall ill from this deadly virus.

However, observing the attitude exhibited by Americans, it seems as if they’re immune to sensitivity and care. People are going out to bars and restaurants and not giving a damn about the aftermath. Not only can they get infected by this mysterious virus, but they can even infect others. Considering the increasing number of reported cases, people should be observing self-quarantine, but the entire Boston, Chicago, Nashville, and New York City is living in a bubble.

“Social distancing is based on the principle of altruism. Treating everyone around you like it’s your 80-year-old grandmother is the circumstance we need to think about.” – said Jason Farley, a nurse practitioner for the Division of Infectious Diseases AIDS Service at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

There are many reasons why the situation in America is so bad right now. Despite being a superpower, the country has failed to meet the basic requirements. As reported by CNN, there are at least 3,485 cases identified in America, out of which 65 people have died already.

The lives of thousands of Americans are affected because the government didn’t acknowledge the vindictive nature of this virus instantly. Our leadership failed to address the core issue and brushed it under the carpet for as long as it could by calling it a hoax. Americans were told that they should ignore the “foreign virus”. For a long time, no screening or testing was done to identify the ones infected. It took American leaders three months to testify the corona outbreak as a national emergency.

Apart from coordination issues, lack of equipment is also noted. Not only is there a lack of vaccination, but even the testing kits are limited. With the national emergency imposed, hand sanitizers, facemasks, toilet papers, etc., have experienced a significant shortage, as a result of which, many grocery shops have closed.

“We’ve been pleading to the research laboratories to please, if they have RNA-extraction machines, to give them to the hospital.” – said Michael Mina, an associate medical director in the department of pathology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.

Now the public is mirroring the government. They’re doing absolutely everything in their power to increase the death rates. Although the patients who’ve tested positive are put in quarantines, and the ones who’ve been exposed to these people are asked to self-quarantine, people, in general, have been inconsiderate. Apart from this, large gatherings have been called off, schools are closed, and remote working facilities are offered by offices. But despite these stringent measures, Americans are being careless and insensitive to towards others.

When will Americans realize that the coronavirus is not just about them? In reality, it’s about all the lives they could infect.

Please, be responsible and follow the precautions!

Updated March 16, 2020
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