Anti-Asian Attacks: Asian grandma spit at, punched in nose in unprovoked attack in Westchester

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: March 13, 2021

the last few months – ever since Coronavirus started – there have been
disturbing incidents where people have been violent against Asian Americans.
American President, Joe Biden has also warranted a speech, in which he has
spoken against such violent acts and discrimination. He addressed the nation
and called these acts “un-American”.

the address, a video has emerged where an Asian grandmother from Westchester
was getting viciously attacked while she was on a sidewalk, collecting bottles
and cans for money. The act of violence happened on Tuesday night and she was
left in tears and shock. The 83-year-old Nancy Toh faced her fear and was
shaking till the very end. 

you don’t believe her shaking, you will believe the scars.

to the Korean grandmother, someone had walked right up to her – his nose
touching hers – and cocked his head back. He also spat on her already traumatized
face. She shut her eyes in fear when he punched her on her nose, and that’s
when she fell down, unconscious.

tried to rescue her until a good-hearted Samaritan saw her lying unconsciously
on the sidewalk. She soon opened her eyes and found herself covered in blood.
She was bleeding heavily and was in a lot of pain.

has been an increase in hate crimes against Asian Americans. People have been
acutely aware of this discrimination, but you never think of it to be true
until it happens to you, right? That’s exactly how Toh’s daughter felt.

daughter, Linda was terrified while speaking to the reporters. She revealed
that it’s terrifying because she’s now afraid to go out with her kids. She also
revealed that her mother didn’t inform the police for a day after the incident.

might sound stereotypical, but Asians are not used to voicing their opinions
and fighting for their rights. Thus, the grandmother, a traditionalist, didn’t
feel it was right to speak up and inform the police about the incident.
Usually, you’d find Asians to be demure and well-behaved. They don’t like being
aggressive and opinionated.

Nancy didn’t want to be hospitalized, as she couldn’t afford the medical bills.
And the fact that the 83-year old grandmother was out to collect bottles and
cans for money is saddening. She never would’ve imagined that she’d be treated
so badly by random strangers driven by hate.

soon, the culprit was found and brought into custody. Turns out it was a
40-year-old man named Glenmore Nembherd, who is also homesless with a long
history of violence.  Anyway, he was
charged with felony assault for harming a person above the age of 65.

James Spencer from White Plains Police Dept. said that incidents like these
have been increasing and they must be dealt with utmost seriousness as they’re
disturbing and threatening to the safety of this country.

like these should not be tolerated and detectives are now leaving no stone
unturned. The Asian community in America is now in a vulnerable position, and
their safety must be protected – that’s their most basic right. People need to
speak up and shedlight on this discrimination, because we
don’t want yet another movement that shows us how monstrous we can be.

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Updated March 13, 2021
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