APD! Secret Trick to Earn Over $100 With Credit Card Bonuses

  • AUTHOR: midhat
  • POSTED ON: October 14, 2020

Mark your calendars because the biggest sale event,
‘Amazon Prime Day’ is here to bless your year! And after the havoc created
thanks to the pandemic, we could all use a blessing or two, couldn’t we?

The day is special and so are the deals that come
with it! It’s like an early Christmas for all the shopaholics out there.

Well, the wait is over! Amazon Prime Day starts today with whopping discounts and
offers on unlimited products across multiple categories. Do you want to
maximize the savings and get the maximum advantage from the sales day? You
should better decide which credit card you are planning to use at the checkout!

Believe us! Using the right card can save you up
to a 5% discount or a profitable welcome bonus worth $100 to $1000.

Don’t have one? First off, what have you been
doing all this time? Secondly, it’s never too late to apply for a new card that
offers an instant code number that can be used on Prime Day such as the Amazon
Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card.

Hayvine has discovered three golden ways through which
you can take maximum advantage of the biggest sale event of the year!

       Apply for an Amazon credit card at checkout

       Get an instant credit card

       Shop with a newly opened rewards card

How to apply
for an Amazon credit card?

It’s simple: Shop for the things you need, add
them to your cart, and apply for the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature card
right away at the checkout so you can save up to $100.

If you already have one, you can use it right away
and avail 5% cashback on Amazom.com. In addition to this, Amazon will also give
you a $100 gift card, which you can instantly use in your spendings.

Oh Amazon, why are you so generous?

And you know what, there’s no spending limitation
to receive the gift card!

How to get
an Instant Credit Card?

If you’re someone who doesn’t want an Amazon
co-branded card (seriously, why though?), there’s another option to go with:
get a new card that offers both a welcome bonus and instant card number.

Just remember, always opt for a card that gives
you an instant card number, so you can shop right away on Amazon Prime Day
without wasting your time waiting for a physical card to arrive in the mail.

Please note that not all card providers offer
instant card numbers, so you should check and thoroughly read all the terms and
conditions before getting one.

How to shop
with a newly opened Rewards card?

If you have recently opened a new rewards card
that also comes with a welcome bonus, Amazon Prime Day is the perfect platform
to redeem it!

Since welcome bonuses only last for three months,
you can only use the cards that are opened after mid-July 2020. If you have
already spent from the welcome bonus, you can minus those purchases from the
requirement to see how much bonus you have left to shop at Amazon Prime Day. 

Sounds great! Go ahead!

Updated October 14, 2020
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