Being a Woman in Manhattan is a Nightmare

  • POSTED ON: 28/Jul/2020

Sexual harassment is universal – you could be walking alone in broad daylight in a metropolitan city or on a lonely dark street in the countryside, and the experience would be the same.

Two girls did a social experiment recently where one of them walked throughout Manhattan silently for ten hours straight and the other one followed suit, but the only difference is that she wasn’t silent.

Do you know what it feels like to be catcalled and whistled at? Don’t you just hate it when strangers on the street ask you to smile? Oh, and doesn’t your heart beats rapidly when weird men start following you around like you are any of their business?

Life is a nightmare when you’re a woman.           

We’ve all been victims of sexual harassment and below you can clearly see snippets of the daily life of a woman. It tells you what women go through in NYC everyday. It’s not even an exaggeration because in the video you can clearly see that there’s no “other side of the story.” Men walk around places, controlling and intimidating woman as they own them. They are unafraid of the consequences because there aren’t any.  

Watch these women being torn apart and treated like shit while they walk around their city – minding their own business. And oh! They were wearing “appropriate clothes” so now you can’t even accuse them of provocation. 



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