California Governor’s New Guidelines for Reopening Businesses

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  • POSTED ON: April 30, 2020

On Tuesday, Governor Gavin Newsom presented guidelines for the reopening plan for California as it has been two months since the statewide lockdown was imposed. He said that the medical staff has seen “apparent stabilization in both the number of confirmed cases of, and deaths due to, coronavirus”.

Newsom said on Twitter that Stage 1 is where the state is now, staying home and working on flattening the curve. The second stage involves lifting restrictions on some lower-risk workplaces, such as retail, manufacturing, and offices where telework is not possible. Reopening child care centers will be a part of that second stage as well, Newsom said.

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He suggested that both workers and consumers should work together in order to ensure that the emergency is lifted safely. “We are not going back to the way things were until we get to immunity or a vaccine,” Newsom said. “We will base reopening plans on facts and data, not on ideology. Not what we want. Not what we hope.”

This announcement comes after other governors in the United States decided to alter the stay at home act or began scheduling reopening for some businesses despite the pandemic. Newsom stated that California is gaining some stability as far as the affected cases are concerned, with 1576 additions in the past bringing the total number in the state to 45301, as of Tuesday morning.

Deaths in California from the virus stand at 1,809, with 54 more fatalities reported over the past 24 hours as of Tuesday evening, according to the governor.
About schools reopening in late July or August, Newsom said that “the prospects of an earlier school year are warranted considering the prospect of neglecting our next generation.”

Similar ideas about lifting the lockdown were suggested for parks and recreational centers as people need to engage in physical activities like running or jogging.

The next phase, Stage 3, is “months, not weeks, away,” Newsom said.
 That stage will encompass personal care businesses like gyms, spas and salons, sports without live audiences, in-person religious services, and other businesses where workers come in close contact with customers.
With the final Stage 4 order, the lockdown will come to an end and the stay at home act will be lifted completely. The “highest-risk parts of our economy” will be reopened as noted by Newsom on Twitter and this included concerts, convention centers, and sports with crowds. 

Newsom said that stage would come only “once therapeutics have been developed.”

Earlier, Newsom released an outline of the framework regarding reopening the economy and said that the dates would be determined by the state’s ability to do six things: expand testing to identify and isolate patients, maintain vigilance to protect seniors and high-risk people, be able to meet future surges in hospitals with a “myriad of protective gear,” continue to collaborate with academia on therapies and treatments, redraw regulations to ensure continued physical distancing at private businesses and schools and develop new enforcement mechanisms to allow the state to pull back and reinstate stay-at-home orders.

He further emphasized that the people of California should be ready to deal with a future where they have to wear masks all the time in order to ensure safety.

Updated April 30, 2020
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