#ChallengeAccepted: The Empowering Sisterhood!

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  • POSTED ON: July 29, 2020

We have been seeing several viral social media challenges over the past two years, from pouring iced-water over the heads to collaborating with friends in a TikTok video for #don’tRushChallenge during the lockdown.

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This time, there’s a new viral sensation sweeping across our Instagram feeds, posting black and white photos, and it’s pretty empowering…!

If you see your social feeds flooded with dozens of monochrome pictures or selfies of the celebrities, then don’t be confused! Because it’s part of the challenge, and we love it!

Though, there’s nothing in these pictures that could illustrate it as a ‘challenge’, which has left many people, especially men who are not qualified to participate in the challenge as it’s exclusively for women only, are scratching their heads wondering what it is all about.

Well, these black-and-white pictures actually signify a lot more than a challenge, and a hashtag speaks a billion words of messages.

In an attempt to spread women empowerment and positivity amid the global pandemic, women have been posting their dazzling monochrome pictures on Instagram and inviting their peers to join too.

An Instagram spokesperson, defining this trend as a way just to celebrate women strength, remind women about the support they deserve from each other and spread love.

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Women from all over the world are taking up this challenge, posting pictures captured from faltering angle along with the caption that says #ChallengeAccepted or #WomenSupportingWomen.

This is yet another effort, along with the thousands, that we women take to make our voices heard in every walk of our lives, and to be proud to be a WOMAN!

The viral hashtag aims to wrestle with the beliefs that often hold women back – from putting them under pressure for “being society-defined ‘pretty’ always” to being told “you can’t do it coz you’re weak!” tch tch…

It only takes us to head back to our galleries, bring out monochrome pictures of ourselves which speaks volumes stating that we feel confident, beautiful, and above all, embracing our identity as a woman!

So far, many celebrities have taken to Instagram and participated in this viral trend across the globe, with model Cindy Crawford posted on Monday with a monochrome picture of herself, “Love this simple way to lift each other. #challengeAccepted. Thank you for nominating me @vanessabyrant.”

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Some posted barefaced selfies (including Noami Watts, Kaley Cuoco, Demi Lovato).

Others dazzled the trend with various trendy photoshoot pictures (see Cindy Crawford, Natalie Portman and Gal Gadot).

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Kerry Washington made oversized hats as her prop to participate in the trend.

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Updated July 29, 2020
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