Chrissy Teigen’s Courageous Letter

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  • POSTED ON: October 2, 2020

This week supermodel and personality Chrissy
Teigen suffered a misfortune that 10 to 15% of women experience every year: She
had a miscarriage following pregnancy-related complications. Teigen and her
husband, musician John Legend shared the tragic news with their combined 27 million

Chrissy Teigen wrote a
deeply personal letter that was heartbreaking and awe-inspiring. It was brave
of her to share a personal loss that exposed the actual truth of life. A large
number of people sent love her way and words of support.

am normally loathe to call anything on social media ‘brave’ but @chrissyteigen
and @johnlegend making their heartbreak public is actually brave and will mean
a lot to mothers and fathers who have undergone similar tragedies.”

– said Erin Gloria Ryan, the writer.

This year has impacted
each and every person in one way or another. We’ve been hit with one curveball
after another, both personal and collective. Hence, it comes off as heartless
to even think of criticizing Teigen and Legend’s frankness while experiencing
such a personal tragedy.

Teigen acknowledged
that she’s undeniably privileged, but the world is not a bed of roses even for
celebrities. It’s essential to understand that just because somebody is
privileged, they don’t get excluded from the list of people who deserve
compassion and empathy.

We shouldn’t advise
people to “shake it off” or remind them of all that they’ve achieved during
such a difficult time. Every person has the right to break down and deal with
their sorrow in their own way.

Let’s just accept one
thing: There’s no right or wrong way to cope with grief. And if there’s one
thing that one should avoid during such a time, it is silence. The fact that
Teigen decided to talk about it says a lot. A lot of women go through this
experience on their own and Teigen understands how lonely it can be. Thus, it
must have taken a lot of strength to simply accept and share the heartbreaking
news.  This is exactly how conversations
around such tabooed subjects start – and it’s essential that they do.

There are a bunch of
people trying to p
oliticize the moment – especially men from the conservative
party, like Errol Webber. He used this personal tragedy to divert attention towards his popular
stance on abortion – an absolutely uncalled for and exploitive ploy, we must

You can’t use someone’s
personal tragedy and force people to change their views on abortion. Again, men
can’t understand this – they’re simply incapable. Teigen chose to have a baby
with her husband. She lost a baby she decided to have; it wasn’t the other way

Some people, like the
right-wing personalities Diamond and Silk said that that is was a shameless tactic
for attention. After offering prayers for the family, very generous, they
thought it to be necessary to point out how the family had a photographer
waiting to capture the tragic moment. 

do you conveniently have someone taking photos of you in the midst of a painful
experience that should be personal and discreet?”

– The unnecessary tweet said.

Many people came to
Teigen’s rescue and said that the Unfollow button is always available for use.
If anybody finds her post to be attention-seeking, they can always decide not
to pay attention and take away the power.

We can all agree to one
thing: Chrissy Teigen’s decision to share a private loss – something so
stigmatized and uncomfortable – is immensely brave!

We live in a world where
women are shunned from society if they experience miscarriages and other
failures related to their bodies. They’re forced into
depression and other mental health problems. They’re offered no support or
guidance on how to deal with such a difficult period on their own.

Hence, Teigen’s
intentions were noble and commendable!



Updated October 2, 2020
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